Sunday, October 17, 2010

Twitter Is Massively Complex

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TechCrunch: Why Twitter Is Massively Undervalued Compared To Facebook
Twitter should have had more users than Facebook, (Goal: A Billion People On Twitter) but that is not what we see. It is Twitter's fault. It is not like Twitter has ever had problems raising money. If you don't have problems raising money, you don't have problems hiring the engineers you need. Twitter was bogged down focusing on scaling: I always thought that was a bogus argument. Show me the Facebook fail whale.

I have thought long and hard about it, and I think the reason Twitter has not scaled like it should have is because Jack Dorsey went ahead and became Chairperson. What was one person's invention got handed over to a committee to grow and scale. They say in Africa it takes a village to raise a child. Maybe it does. But I don't think that applied to Twitter. It is a DNA thing. The founder CEO will make big bets. People who took over will not dare to. The other founders spent too much time basking in the Twitter glory of 2009.

Facebook should have grown like the big screen web. Twitter should have grown like mobile phones have grown all across the planet. Twitter has largely missed the boat. Why? You gotta ask.

FourSquare has competition, Twitter does not have competition. I don't feel like Twitter has been able to cash on that advantage.

User Friendly Twitter? Get Out Of Town

Twitter needed to try and come pre-loaded on mobile phones. Twitter needed to make sense to people who don't speak English. Twitter needed to make sense to people who are not literate. From the Twitter that I know and experience and get headaches over to that simplicity is a light year.

I know a Harvard graduate who is confounded by the hashtag. It is not her fault. It is Twitter's fault.
TechCrunch: Why Twitter Is Massively Undervalued Compared To Facebook:

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