Thursday, October 21, 2010

Event At Hunch: Gender Talk (2)

Attorney and blogger Rachel SklarImage via WikipediaThe first step is to just be able to bring up the topic: gender. A lot of men get defensive about the very topic. There are two types of men: good men and bad men. Those men who get defensive are not good men.

The second step is to have honest conversations. There will be many, many rounds to such conversations. There will be a lot of back and forth. It is important to not abruptly stand up and walk away. It is important to make people feel like they are being listened to, they are being heard.

The third step is to try and identify problem areas and possible solutions. That also will take place in more than one sitting.

The fourth step is to go out and make things happen. The number one take home lesson from the talk was more and more women should go ahead and start companies. Attitudes will have to change, sure, support systems will have to be built, sure, vent valves will have to be in place, sure, but all that will not mean much if women are not outright going and starting companies.

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