Monday, October 03, 2011

Instagram Now Bigger Than FourSquare

Instagram DuckImage by ThePitcher via FlickrI think I made the prediction at this blog late last year, that Instagram is going to get bigger than FourSquare, and now it has.
The Next Web: Instagram: Now adding 25 photos and capturing 90 likes every second: Instagram is growing like a weed; the app has already blown past 10 million users ...... 25 photo uploads and 90 likes every second ...... while making sure to introduce “as few moving parts as possible” to ensure the team can continue to grow with the small number of engineers the company currently has ...... At the end of the September, the service was seeing a signup rate of over one new user a second — roughly 75 per minute, pushing the service past the 10 million user milestone.
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It should not take Instagram more than two years from now to hit a hundred million users. Give me an Android version, will you? And a web version.
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