Tuesday, October 25, 2011

All The Talk Is On Television

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The TV is in vogue. Everybody is talking about the TV.

The Next Big Thing For Apple
Seven Screens

Basically what you want is a Spotify for TV. You want gigabit broadband for everyone. This is not about TV as it has traditionally been understood. This is about the video format. People should be able to watch anything, anywhere, anytime. This is primarily a business paradigm challenge. Look at what has happened to music since Napster and you get an idea. Something similar has to happen to the video format, to what has been known as TV shows. Will the networks play ball? I doubt things will be smooth sailing.

Once you thus "free" the content, then software magic can happen. The TV knows who you are, what you like, how you like your news, what shows you watch. You will probably have an app on your tablet and/or smartphone that is your "remote."

Down the line your TV is coming through the Internet. I say free up the spectrum for wireless broadband.

The idea of redoing the TV is to liberate the content from that particular screen size. By the time you have a Spotify for TV you will realize the TV is now on your tablet, it is now on your smartphone. At universal gigabit broadband video will become what photos are today. There will be an Instagram for video clips.

Upon such liberation of the video format, content creation will go through the roof. That might be the best news. You do want a world full of video bloggers. Vloggers, for short. Most of it will be free. People pay with time and attention. They don't need to pay with money.

The number one roadblock to that future is lack of universal gigabit broadband. And to think America could have had it with a better designed stimulus bill.

The Mini Me Stimulus Bill Lacks Imagination
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