Saturday, October 08, 2011

Twitter Asks

Well, Jack, I am glad you asked. Finally. I have been spouting over the months without even being asked.

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The Good

(1) That Twitter exists. That it got invented. It was necessary. Twitter could become Google size. Or maybe it is too late.

The Bad

(1) 2000 was when Twitter's time had come. Waiting all those years was a bad move.
(2) Removing the Founder CEO was a bad move. I don't know all the gory details, I don't even want to know. But that was a bad move. If the same would have been done to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook also might have been by the wayside. It is a DNA thing.

The Ugly

(1) You don't get to delete my tweets. All my tweets are belong to me. And I want them available, to me and to all interested third parties. Real time also means real time as it happened yesterday. I want to be able to search through all my tweets.

Feature Requests

(1) I want to be able to delete many Direct Messages at once, not one at a time.
(2) I want to be able to search through my Direct Messages like I can my email inbox.
(3) I want Facebook like notifications for new tweets where I am mentioned, new Direct Messages. I am talking about that red button on Facebook that shows up with a number.
(4) I want to be able to embed tweets in my blog posts in an easy way. There should be an embed button like there is a reply button, a retweet button. Generate one or two lines of code max. If YouTube can do it with videos, I mean.
(5) Why only 20 lists? I want to create more lists. If you can't give limitless, give me 50, give me 100.
(6) From the Home page, when I click on the Retweet link at the top next to the Mentions button, I should end up on a page that gives me an overview of all my retweet data/information.
(7) Same with the search button. I should be able to customize my searches. Search all of my tweets. Search all of my tweets from this time period to that time period. Search all tweets by people who follow me. Search through all tweets by people I follow. Search all tweets. Search all tweets from the specified period. Search all tweets from a specified geographical location, might be a city, a country, region, a continent. Search through all tweets from a specified location and a specific time period (for when I want to relive a revolution). Search only through tweets with images attached. Search only through tweets with videos attached.
(8) Clicking on Lists should also take me to a page that should automatically display the timelines for my top two or three lists.
(9) I don't have this problem yet, but after I become rich and famous (like you) I want to be able to read many tweets at once. Give me visualization options so I can read 100 tweets at once. As in, these are the last 1,000 tweets from people you don't follow in one infographic. And I would want an embed option on that "read." I want bragging rights.
(10) My profile page should have links to my Facebook page, my blog, my LinkedIn page without taking up too much real estate.
(11) I can now upload a picture directly to Twitter. Thanks. That should also apply to video clips that are a minute or less.
(12) First and foremost - and I repeat - do the search thing.
(13) Tell Sean Parker I said hi.
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