Saturday, October 22, 2011

Foster The People

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Foster the People - Wikipedia NPR credits the band's rise to fame to getting play on The Hype Machine and performances at South by Southwest.
The Guardian: Foster the People (No 783): only formed in autumn 2009, but because of the speed with which information is disseminated these days, their song Pumped Up Kicks, which has yet to see an official release, is already being talked about as one of the sure-fire surprise hits of the summer ...... It's one of those lo-fi indie tracks that, like Peter Bjorn and John's Young Kids, has "alternative anthem" written all over it. ..... the simple, shuffling beat ..... "All the other kids with the pumped-up kicks/You better run, better run, faster than my bullet." ....... Mark Foster's adolescence as a Beach Boys fan in Cleveland, Ohio, and his current day job as a composer for TV and film ads Foster the People Attracts Hipsters, Moms with 'Pumped Up Kicks' Single: "We played a show in Minneapolis and there was a 60-year-old woman just going crazy." ..... " 'Pumped Up Kicks' is one of those songs that blends something really familiar with something that's very modern," Foster says of the broad appeal of the song, which boasts a laid-back, lo-fi '60s vibe, a slick bassline and an undeniably catchy chorus. "It's a song where you could lay on the couch and listen to it or you can get up and dance around the room to it." ...... the song is selling more than 15,000 copies per week. "It's a true case of airplay equals sales. There are not many alternative acts selling more tracks per week, and the ones that are have multiformat charted singles," he says. "One of the reasons it has done so well is that while it's left-of-center for what traditionally has worked at many alternative radio stations, it's not too cool for the room." ..... first played together in 2009 and started attracting attention after "Pumped Up Kicks" was posted online as a free download. Buzz about the band built up enough in time for the group's 2010 South by Southwest debut, which piqued interest at StarTime and Columbia. .... "We make music for everybody. We're not trying to be super-niche," Foster says. "It's Foster the People, not Foster the Younger-Looking People."
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Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People

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