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Galaxy Nexus (3)

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Galaxy Nexus: Why 5 And Not 8 Megapixel?
Galaxy Nexus
Galaxy Nexus Goes Live

Engadget: Samsung Galaxy Nexus gets handled on video
VentureBeat: Samsung’s Android 4.0-powered Galaxy Nexus has everything you’d ever want
Yes I said phone — not tablet. ...... the competition is going to have a hard time keeping up. ...... the exact same resolution as 720p high-definition video ...... Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich”, the latest version of Google’s mobile OS, which the company describes as a total makeover. ...... the usual accelerometer, compass, and gyroscope. But it also includes NFC capabilities, a proximity sensor, and a barometer ...... It’s also strange that once again, Google’s newest Nexus phone seems to be behind the curve when it comes to camera technology. Last year’s Nexus S couldn’t shoot 720p HD video, when most other smartphones back then could. Now with the Galaxy Nexus, Samsung for some reason has included a 5-megapixel camera when competitors, including the iPhone 4S, are sporting 8MP shooters.

AllThingsD: Samsung Unveils the Galaxy Nexus A La Mode
LTE, which is one of the fastest 4G networks available worldwide. ...... Improved usability will make it easier to conduct tasks in fewer steps, and an improved user interface has better graphics and typefaces. ....... whether Ice Cream Sandwich (or ICS, for short), has passed Apple’s recently released iOS 5 in terms of features and functionality. ...... The software is expected to be backwards compatible with existing hardware and should be available in time for the holidays. ........ Shin says that its Samsung’s close relationship with Google that has allowed it to become the largest Android smartphone manufacturer. ...... Now for the photo-opps. Rubin and Shin holding phones together for the cameras. Awkward silence. ....... The phone will have the best screen, best processor, and quite possibly one of the largest screens at 4.65 inches. (Tablets are 7-and-10-inches commonly for perspective.) ....... a “hyperskin” back that keeps it from slipping out of your hand, and a “button-less” design. ..... a five megapixel camera with zero shutter lag ....... What is the soul of Android? ..... People said they needed and wanted it, but they didn’t LOVE Android. We set out goals to guide how people would talk about Android: It’s enchanting. It’s easy. It simplifies my lfie. And, Android should make me feel powerful and smart. ........ the homescreen is also for speed dial shortcuts ....... Ice Cream also allows you to organize your favorites tray at the bottom of the screen, so you are always one-click away from what you want to do. ...... One of Android’s best attributes is mutli-tasking. Now it’s easier to see what apps you were recently, and easily flick away apps you are done using to save on processing power. ....... Notifications are better than ever. ....... Google says it gave the keyboard a lot of love in Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s more accurate, and there’s an in-line spell checker. Cut, copy and paste is also better. You can drag highlighted words or cut or copy like usual. ...... Google has always had voice to text, but with Apple’s announcement of Siri, it will have to up its game. Now they are saying voice transcription is “instant.” No need to push a button, even if you pause while dictating. Words show up very quickly. ....... Uh oh, the demo isn’t working. Duarte’s phone didn’t recognize him. He jokes, that his stage make-up was heavier than he thought. ....... One nice feature is that you are able to save web sites offline, like bus schedules or mobile boarding tickets in case you don’t have service when you need the information. ....... Google is now showing off the new Gmail, which they hope is the best mobile email anywhere ....... Roboto makes the text insanely crisp and makes it a pleasure to read, and users are able to swipe to the right and left to change inboxes. ....... there’s offline search, so you can find an email or contact even when you aren’t online. They also updated the calendar app to pinch to zoom, so you can see details of a very busy day. ...... you can set alerts, or you can set limits to cut off mobile data, or it will forecast your monthly usage based on your past behavior. ...... By tapping on to the photo, you can share to a number of locations. In this demo, they are conveniently sharing to Google+ and not Facebook. ...... After taking the photo, you can crop it, remove red eye, or apply a “hipster” filter. ....... panoramic shots. Easily shoot a landscape and the phone will stitch together the photos seamlessly. ...... Users will be able to shoot time-lapsed videos and add filters to make shots and videos look amazing. ...... “The People app.”
This is a new contact list of sorts that pulls in information from various social networks, like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. It’s open to any social network. ...... a greater emphasis on photos to show contacts, make phone calls ....... set up a multiplayer game, or a chat discussion
Business Insider: Samsung Unveils The Galaxy Nexus, The First Phone To Run Android Ice Cream Sandwich
It looks like all the leaks were correct...... the phone will likely be a Verizon exclusive ..... an Instapaper-like page saver for reading offline. ..... Redesigned Gmail inbox with two line previews. Action bar at the bottom for composing mail, search, etc. Email addresses are converted to "chips" with pictures and names of all your contacts. Offline search has been added. You can access the last 30 days of e-mail, whether you're connected to the internet or not....... Data usage management: From settings, there's a new section called "Data Usage." It keeps track of how much wireless data you use for each billing cycle. You can set warnings for certain thresholds. You can set limits that cut off mobile data. You can also tell which apps are using the most data on your phone....... Tap the photo you just took to share on Google+, Gmail, Flickr, etc. ...... You can take multiple shots very quickly. New photo editing tools ...... Gallery app: It's gorgeous. You can organize by people, place, etc. ....... 1080p HD video recording, continuous focus, zoom while recording, time lapse, and take snapshots while recording a video. ...... New People app: An evolution of contacts. New photo "magazine" style grid of your most common contacts. You can see all the ways you're connected to a person: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. You can also see recent updates from social networks....... Visual voice mail accessible directly from the call log. You can speed up, slow down, fast forward, etc. through your voice mails. When someone calls and you want to decline, the new "Quick Response" feature lets you send them a pre-canned text....... You can also resize any widget. ...... Folders are easier to make and organize. Just drag and drop apps on top of each other. (Just like iOS) ...... New icon to switch between recent and open apps. (It's very similar to multitasking on Honeycomb tablets.) Just flick to toss away and close and app........... You can finally take screen grabs! ..... Talk to type: It's now instant. Just start talking and the phone types the text out for you. ...... 1/100 of touch response time. ...... We want the phone to feel beautiful. We want to go "beyond smart," so we make cloud services available on your phone.
CNet: Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Android Ice Cream Sandwich launch: Watch with us!

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