Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Take On AirTime (2)

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Sean Parker's AirTime Could Net Him Tens Of Billions
Sean Parker: Mystery Man

What happens when you let a billion stranger faces collide? That is group dynamics heaven.

It has to start at the random connection level. There is a random face, there is no user name. And there is the next button.

2010: Location, Random Connections, The Inbox, Frictionless Payments

The social graph of AirTime is going to be the mother of all social graphs. (I borrowed that phrase from Saddam Hussein who used to talk in terms of the mother of all battles.)

But then you don't want it to be completely random. I should be able to say narrow my pool down to people in New York City who are interested in technology. So it's still random, but it is random inside a particular city, and to a particular topic of interest.

And the block feature. You block someone you meet and you never have to see them again. And if that person gets 99 other blocks by other people, he/she (likely he) gets booted off the service. A good use would be to get rid of the penis problem. An abuse case will be ethnicities that hate each other. I don't like your kind. Off you go into oblivion and loneliness.

People, simply use the next button.

Suddenly the remotest town on earth (with broadband) is going to feel like a metropolis. You can meet as many people as you want. An end to loneliness as we know it.

The launch of AirTime is going to launch an entire industry. There will be many copycats, and satellite startups.

And you do want to allow people to get to know each other. So say I met someone at random who I had a great 10 minute conversation with. The two of us should be able to bookmark each other for a future chat.

Your AirTime profile should perhaps be like your Facebook profile. Only the world does not get to see it. But AirTime gets to see it. And you should be able to reach out to people with shared interests in specified geographies.

They say there is more antimatter than matter in the universe. AirTime is going to be antimatter to Facebook's matter. Facebook's social graph is pretty much straightforward. The AirTime social graph is vague, hazy, unclear, full of promise.
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