Thursday, October 06, 2011

When I Got Teary Eyed

For the most part I have tried to be philosophical, one Buddhist to another. He died earlier than he needed to, sure. But there was a sense of completion to his life's work. It is like he launched a dozen Apple size startups.

Ever since I got the news I have felt this tremendous hunger to learn more details about his life, and I have scoured the web for the same, sort of knowing it would be hard for anyone to surprise me with new details.

Readings have felt like refreshing memories, not revelations. I have read up on the guy over the years.

And then this afternoon it happened. Someone posted pictures of the Apple store at Central Park's southeast corner on Facebook, and my eyes went wet. I saw the glaze, and felt the warmth from the wet. But then I quickly recomposed myself.

Steve Wozniak On Steve Jobs
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