Saturday, October 08, 2011

My Take On AirTime

HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 27:  Napster co-found...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeSean Parker's AirTime Could Net Him Tens Of Billions

I have not read up on it much, frankly there is not much to read about, not much has come out. So some of what I am going to say is based on my own thoughts on the space.

(1) It has to be video. It can't be audio, and it can't be photos. Global broadband will get there.

(2) It has to feel like you got into a private plane to fly around the world.

(3) I should have the option to make myself unavailable, and when I am busy talking to someone already, I am unavailable by default.

(4) I should have the option to flag and block people. A person/account flagged/blocked by a certain number of people should have their account reviewed, possibly suspended. Could be 100 blocks. The person being blocked should get a count of how many times it has happened.

(5) Random connections has to be the starting point of the experience. No real names, no real identities. If people want to wear masks, fine. Their choice.

(6) The "next" button is key to the idea of random connections.

(7) When trying to find people to talk to I should have the option to specify geographical area of interest, language preference (or lack thereof), and topic of interest. That would still be random connections.

(8) If both parties to a talk give each other a thumbs up they should have the option to connect again at a later time of their choosing through the service itself.

(9) This need not be a two person thing. People should have the option to engage in five or 10 people talks. Still random. Group talks on a shared topic might be more fun than a two person talk.

(10) The option to "friend" a stranger after a certain number of successful conversations.

(11) How would you define the social graph in this space? That is very much an open question.

(12) Keep it simple starting out.
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