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Foster The People, US Royalty

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US Royalty
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Here's Sean Parker making a mention of Foster The People.

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Foster The People

Mashable: Sean Parker: Facebook Power Users Have Gone to Twitter or Google+

Unless they desperately need an advance, Parker believes, bands are better off on their own. He apologized to his friends in the recording industry but offered the slow-to-grow success of indie band Foster The People as a prime example.
This is Foster The People's signature song. I am thinking you have come across it already, like I had although I did not know the name of the band. Check it out, it is pretty cool.

And now listen to these two songs by US Royalty.

Don't tell me the US Royalty songs are not better. They have richer texture. They have richer melody. They have more meaningful lyrics. Although the Foster The People song has greater simplicity.

These two US Royalty songs remind me of some U2 songs that just tickle you at a few different levels that stay hard to locate.

Although the US Royalty are a little more playful in tempo than U2. Or maybe the U2 were even more playful in their early years.

That Foster The People song aims for this song which I think is also amazing:

US Royalty is playing again tonight at 72 Orchard Street here in New York. I am going, for what it feels like my third time in three days. 9 PM.
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