Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How To Recommit Facebook To The Power Users

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...Image via CrunchBaseThe Telegraph: Facebook power users 'have gone to Google+ and Twitter'

I would be a power user. I am on Facebook every day. And since the revamp I have been getting a lot of news out of my Facebook timeline. After I read, I like to share. I read a lot, I share a lot.

And I feel anxious. I wonder if I am being seen too often in the timelines of my friends. I wonder if I am reading too many news articles and am flooding my profile page.

And a big reason I want to share is so I can maybe search through past readings. And that has been a major Facebook weak point, just like it has been a major Twitter weak point.

Take less space. Give me the option to only display the news source, the subject line of the news article, and that's it. Line them up. So the space taken by one shared news article now should be enough space for 10 articles.

On days when I might read and share only one news article, do it the traditional way, take that space, add a photo and a summary paragraph to it. But on days when I might read 10 or more news articles, bring it all together into that one rectangle. Paramendra read these articles today, you say, and you list the 10 articles, bullet points.

Take less space.

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