Thursday, October 06, 2011

The Next Big Thing For Apple

Image representing Tim Cook as depicted in Cru...Image via CrunchBaseThe PC/laptop is done. The smartphone is done. The tablet is done. I don't foresee any major transformations with any of those. What is not done is the TV screen. That is the next frontier. But I am not sure Apple - or any other company I know - is in a position to do it. The TV might get done by some startup not launched yet. Or it might get done by Apple and Google. Right now it is too early to tell. And the wrist watch might not see magic before nanotech really takes off. Which brings us to the big movie screen, but then the problem with movies is outdated business practices, less technology. People are okay watching movies on smaller screens.

And I Am Not Even An Apple Fanboy
Steve Jobs — 1955-2011
Seven Screens

Bill Gates retired, but Steve Jobs died. Tim Cook might be a better groomed successor than Steve Ballmer, but the guy still has a tough nut to crack. Ride the iPhone and the iPad wave for as long as you can. That is at least two good years ahead.
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