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US Royalty: Staying Together

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One of the mesmerizing aspects of U2 for me - a group dynamics person - is that they have stayed together as a band, and if they have managed that so far, it probably is too late for them to break up now, or 10 years from now.

How did they do that?

To be able to find the right founding members, and to stick it out, year in year out. How many tech startups can make that boast? It takes a lot. How do you maintain a fiery pace of innovation? And how do you stick it out as a team?

That's an art. That's science.
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If the US Royalty are who I think they are, they will still be one band 20 years from now. And if they are not together 10 years from now I am going to think I bet on the wrong horse. Oh, well.

As of last night I have talked to three of the four. ("Hi, I am John." "I know.") I am going to track down the drummer also somewhere down the line. I'm sure they will be back in town soon enough.
...... singer John Thornley, guitarist Paul Thornley, bassist Jacob Michael, and drummer Luke Adams.
Happy 4th From My Friend Luke
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And, by the way, they eat organic food. That should help them stay together. I asked Paul, you are on the road often, how does that impact your personal life? Oh, it's hard, he said, it's like going into the military, but I have a girlfriend.

Bono is married to his high school sweetheart.

The Beatles had a John and a Paul, and the US Royalty have a John and a Paul, only these two are brothers.

While waiting for the US Royalty to play last night, I met this professional photographer in the audience. I asked him about his craft. I take hundreds of pictures, use a few of them, throw out most of them, he said. I take hundreds of pictures, I delete a few that might be seriously out of focus, I upload the rest to Facebook, I said. Paul said something similar. I do it all day, every day, he said. Most of the stuff we do does not make the cut. The world does not get to see it.

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US Royalty
Think Different

I have figured something out. I think this is my favorite US Royalty song for the phrase "the mountain."

Just look at the background image for this blog.

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