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Saturday, August 31, 2013

OK Glass

So Sergey Brin - who I like a lot for his China stand - has hooked up with the Google marketing manager who gave the world the phrase "OK Glass." His ex and he are at peace. And the self-made billionaire has found new love. He is a Russian Jew. She is a Chinese Jew. So I read. More important, I feel like he wants to be associated with Google Glass like Steve Jobs is associated with the smartphone. Although I think that is a tall task. The Glass is more like a smartwatch, it is cool, but the smartphone will continue to be the center of the mobile experience, and even the Glass and the smartwatch will hitch to the smartphone bandwagon.

I think she is pretty and funny. And I left a few positive comments on her Google Plus page. Too many people have spewed venom on the same. The crowd can quickly descend to the lowest common denominator. Here comes everybody, but do make the effort to build the close relationships so as to not get bothered by the asteroids spewing venom. This is like Sean Parker complaining in a TechCrunch post about all the venom he and his fiance had to face when they got married. In this day and age of social media, everyone with an internet connection is a pest, I mean paparazzi. Learn to ignore.

I once heard a millionaire say, he was just this normal dude, then he made a lot of money, and he tried hard to keep his old friends and acquaintances from his middle class days but too much jealousy was being spewed and so he started hanging out with other millionaires, and that venom did not exist. Maybe Sergey and Sean should hang. They both have billions and very pretty women.
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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

Dorsey, The Closest Thing To Next Jobs

A lot of people secretly hope to be the next Steve Jobs, or not so secretly. I have met quite a few early stage entrepreneurs whose idea of being Steve Jobs like is to exhibit really nasty behavior. It is like when I was in Nepal I thought crime was the only thing that happened in New York City. It does happen, but in my years here, thankfully, I have yet to witness one. Steve Jobs actually treated his team really, really well. The flares aside.

Sean Parker is too much of a visionary Chairperson, perhaps not enough of a CEO. Steve Jobs was CEO, period. His was a daily executing grind. Jeff Bezos belongs to the same generation as Jobs almost, and besides he has been with the same company the entire time. That is like Larry Ellison without his divorces.

Jack Dorsey is CEO. He has had his unhappy ouster from the company he founded. There is the drama, even the intensity. And he might still take Twitter to its promised, unrealized heights.

“I Never Wanted To Be An Entrepreneur” Says Jack Dorsey
”Twitter was not started because we had a good idea. It was started out of a failure. And that can happen today” .... Twitter is estimated to have around 500 million users — although not all of them active. Square has over 100 million active users.

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Friday, August 03, 2012

AirTime: Gone Bust?

AirTime has not delivered on the fundamentals. Frankly, it does not work the few times I have tried it. Or I'd use it often. The vision is compelling.

After Splashy Introduction, Airtime Seems to Deflate
Right now, people do not seem to be loving Airtime .... Airtime has around 20,000 daily active users and 110,000 monthly active users ..... In early July, the site had around 200,000 daily active users, but that number has gradually tapered off since then
I hope they fix it so it becomes usable.

For now shows Sean Parker might have gone a little rusty as an entrepreneur. But kudos for making the jump.

I think AirTime still has a shot.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Micheal Jordan Playing Baseball

English: Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan 1997
English: Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan 1997 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Taking a Risk, and Hoping That Lightning Strikes Twice
Sean Parker .... “Every good entrepreneur I know ends up in the wasteland of being a venture capitalist. It’s really frustrating” ..... “How can you as an entrepreneur that’s had success, has a reputation, ever build the courage to go and do something again?” he asked, almost rhetorically. “Most entrepreneurs don’t remain entrepreneurs. It’s just too psychologically draining to have to constantly start over.” ..... the career trajectory of many tremendously successful entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley often looks like a rocket ship that stops in midair ...... “The list of people who have started from scratch over and over and succeeded systematically over a long period of time is incredibly short,” he said. “The only person I can think of off the cuff is Jobs who had Apple, Next, Pixar, continued doing Pixar and Next and then Apple again, which is really a different company.” ..... Peter Thiel ... Marc Andreessen ... surprisingly, Mr. Andreessen said of Mr. Parker’s theory: “I sort of agree with him.” ..... “You don’t want to be Michael Jordan playing baseball.” ..... Andreessen ... an entrepreneurial effort to “rethink the model of venture capital.” .... to Mr. Parker, most entrepreneurs who seek out investments do so as “a total cop-out.” He explained his thinking: “You have a whole portfolio, you only focus on your successes, you ignore your failures and you get to continue looking like a player, but you’re ultimately not in control of anything.” ..... “Everything is probabilistic, nothing is deterministic, so you never have that satisfaction of knowing that you’re in control of an outcome. So you spend all of your time managing your reputation, managing your relationships and you spend almost no time thinking creatively or doing the things that an entrepreneur is good at doing.” ..... Being worried about failure and its effect on one’s reputation, he said, is “very dangerous.”
I so desperately want AirTime to work for me. It keeps crashing. I could not even get it to work on Chrome. It worked on FireFox, but it still keeps crashing. Sean, this was not supposed to be baseball!

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