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Friday, August 05, 2016

DealSpotr: Social, And Sharing, And Ecommerce And Deals

DealSpotr is a flash sale site. Carlista Macy reached out to me. Next thing I know, I signed up.

I am in the market for a Chromebook right now. And I was surprised to see a deal for $200 at the site on the very first page. It did not feel like I had entered too many details. The smarts of ecommerce sites these days!

On Facebook and Twitter you are sharing links to articles you read. On DealSpotr you are sharing deals from wherever you might find them on the web. DealSpotr is for the shopping kind. I am not a big shopper myself, but ecommerce is a perennial fascination. It ties into the monetization strategy of many tech startups. And the social aspect of the sharing thing intrigues me.

Should a deal you spotted ends up taking off, you get rewarded.

This is like when people would collect coupons, from a newspaper cutting here, a newspaper cutting there, only this is, of course, digital. But the coupon collecting of the good old days did not have the ease of sharing, and you were not rewarded simply for collecting coupons.

But then if you have an even modest social media presence, perhaps an active Twitter account, a blog with a decent readership, you could really up your engagement level with the site.

The site reminds me of which came out around the year 2,000. You wrote product reviews and you earned money if a lot of people read your reviews. This site is also a money maker for active participants.

You could earn a $20 Amazon gift card during your first visit at the site by doing the basics at this social couponing site.

The newsfeed format means you get deals as per the interests you have listed. And you can upvote deals. If one of the deals you thus upvoted becomes "hot," you get rewarded.

This site is much more focused than Pinterest, for the specific niche of deals and coupons and shopping.

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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Askalo: Do You Know Your City?

The Yahoo! Answers green smiley.Image via Wikipedia

Over 1,000 cities, 38 countries, 5 languages. Askalo is a web community. It is a platform. It is local. Ask questions. Share tips about your city. The Q&A format - Quora comes to mind - seems to be the latest craze in social. And Askalo brings that to city discovery.
Quora is a continually improving collection of questions and answers created, edited, and organized by everyone who uses it..... TechCrunch: Quora Has The Magic: Benchmark Invests at $86 Million Valuation ...... GigaOm: Former Facebook CTO Launches Quora, Competes with Yahoo Answers, Aardvark, Hunch

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Apple Trying To "Get" Social Now?

This is icon for social networking website. Th...Image via Wikipedia
New York Times: Bits: Apple-Facebook Friction Erupts Over Ping: Apple’s entry into social networking with the iTunes music social network Ping on Wednesday ..... Facebook insists that businesses that send a lot of traffic to its servers first work with the company to make sure those problems can be handled smoothly

Google's efforts at trying to "get" social are legendary. There have been so many failed attempts. Now looks like it is Apple's turn to "get" social. Google and Apple are competing on so many different fronts. Apple is not in search yet, and Google is not into hardware yet, but other than that they are all over each other. And now looks like Apple just got interested in social.

Hotmail was the first web email program. But then everyone started doing their own little email program. Yahoo got one. A few years later Google got one. The inbox did not stay with Hotmail. Social is the same way. Social does not belong to Facebook any more than the inbox belonged to Hotmail.

What happens when both Apple and Facebook try to do social? What happens when Facebook and FourSquare both try to do location? Sometimes friction happens.

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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Google Also Answered My Blog Search Prayer

Now I would really, really like to sit on the Board of Google.

My Gmail Prayers Heard: Multiple Inboxes
A Ridiculously Good Blog Search Engine
Google Does Not Need Social Envy

This is still not the blog search engine I asked for, but it is a great start.

There is an information angle to search, and there Google can carve out an easy lead. Google does not need to "get" social. Actually my argument has been that it is not possible for the same company to be extremely good at information and also be extremely good at social. You can either be a chimpanzee or an orangutan. You can't be both. Sorry. It is a DNA thing. Google should stick to what it is good at, and keep blazing ahead with Android and the Chrome OS. Those two are paradigm shift promises.

I never really "got" the iPod, but I can't wait for the Chrome OS netbook. (The iPad Is No Laptop Killer)

ReadWriteWeb: Google Launches Blog Finder For Any Topic: This has the potential to be a wildly useful service. How many of you have had professional or personal reasons to seek a list of the top blogs on a new topic?.... then a new option will appear in the sidebar: search for posts or blog home pages related to your query......pages and pages of clearly topical sources ...... The more closely tied the title of the blog is to your search query, the higher the blog shows up in search results. That's not the best indicator of quality or authority...... Add some ranking, some OPML export, and then we're really talking.

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Buzzd Party Thursday

Image of Nihal Mehta from FacebookImage of Nihal Mehta
“I always say that the person who stuck an online banner on a phone should be shot.”
- Buzzd Co-Founder and CEO Nihal Mehta.

TechCrunch: Buzzd Aggregates Check-Ins From Foursquare, Gowalla And Others In Social City Guide
Adotas: Mehta Has Always Been Buzzd On Mobile Marketing
“Since ‘01 we’ve been saying ‘Next year is going to be the year of mobile!’ And next year always is — the next year always doubles.”
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Next Big Thing In Social Networking

The social has been all the buzz on the web for a few years now. And it is still going strong, for good reason. You might not remember Friendster, but that came along before MySpace. And MySpace was all
Image representing Friendster as depicted in C...Image via CrunchBase
the rage. Then Facebook took over. Like Sam Walton claimed, you can reinvent retailing "again and again and again."

The social has been the web maturing. It is not about technology, it is about people. That is the message.

The joke at my high school back in the days was trousers narrow at the bottom and then go wide again a few years later. How else could the fashion pendulum swing? The social is the trousers going wide
Image representing MySpace as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBase
at the botttom. But the pendulum will swing.

The next generation of social networking is going to be about the individual. That well defined individual's social interactions online will reflect the ones offline. You are closer to some people than others. You share more with some than others. Everybody on Facebook being your general friend is going to start looking bland.
Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...Image via CrunchBase

But first Facebook has to run its course. Twitter already stole a lot of its buzz. Google Wave will likely steal a lot of buzz from both Twitter and Facebook. But Wave is still the pendulum swinging in the same direction. And Wave might remain a great way to collaborate on projects.

At what point will have the pendulum swung all the way? Perhaps when Facebook hits 600 million people? More?

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Want good health in your golden years? Keep working

~ The way of the world is meeting people through other people. ~
Robert Kerrigan

~ It's not what you know but who you know that makes the difference. ~

~ It isn't just what you know, and it isn't just who you know. It's actually who you know, who knows you, and what you do for a living. ~
Bob Burg

~ More business decisions occur over lunch and dinner than at any other time, yet no MBA courses are given on the subject. ~
Peter Drucker

~ Informal conversation is probably the oldest mechanism by which opinions on products and brands are developed, expressed, and spread. ~
Johan Arndt

~ It's all about people. It's about networking and being nice to people and not burning any bridges. ~
Mike Davidson

~ Position yourself as a center of influence - the one who knows the movers and shakers. People will respond to that, and you'll soon become what you project. ~
Bob Burg

~ In the earliest days, this was a project I worked on with great passion because I wanted to solve the Defense Department's problem: it did not want proprietary networking and it didn't want to be confined to a single network technology. ~
Vinton Cerf

~ Social networking sites like Myspace, Friendster, and Facebook have literally exploded in popularity in just a few short years. ~
Mike Fitzpatrick

Katherine Berry at Pajamas Media discusses social networking: "Having just spent another morning of my life reading the most boring details of other people's mornings, I've realized how very little things like Twitter, FaceBook, or FriendFeed actually contribute to one's life: it's more like sitting in a room full of over-caffeinated narcissistic Tourette's patients with ADHD who are all trying to be the most entertaining. And, really, what's so social about a monologue?"

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Unfacebook

I am a huge fan of Facebook. I check in not as much as into my Gmail account, but it is close. I think things will only get better. I love the video clips I can access, the music, I am enamored with its personality tests. One test told me what I have long suspected, that I am "an advocating inventor." Too many people think of me as a politician. I also like the scrabble I saw and added yesterday. There is no time limit. You make your next move the next time you log in. Wow.

Most of my "friends" at Facebook are people I have never met though. I have met a few cool people who do interact, but most are people who okayed the friend request and then were gone.

In the way I use Facebook might be the germ of the Unfacebook.

Facebook is a walled garden. It is designed for you to more efficiently stay in touch with people who you already know. And I am thinking, what a waste.

What if you want to go online with the express intention of meeting people? Real people? People that you otherwise do not know, will not meet?

So you create a site. And it allows users to create an extremely detailed profile of who they are. Like extremely, extremely detailed. By the time you are done, it is a pretty good snapshot of who you are. Not everyone has to completely complete it, of course, and it is just that people will know how much of your profile you have completed.

So you create an account. And you log in. You complete your profile. Then you want to go meet people. How would that work?

People's names and photos will not show up when you do searches. Instead you will have to seek areas of interest, or hobbies. You will have the option to narrow down your geographical area. Maybe you just want people in your city. Or not.

It will not be just interest. It will also be level of interest.

There will be social interests, there will be cultural interests. There will be work related interests. There will be activity interests.

You seek grounds of common interest. And you explore the depth of the interest.

As you get to know each other more, you exercise the option to share a little bit more of your extremely detailed profile.

Detailed personality tests will be kind of mandatory. And there will be automatches based on pesonality type, areas of interest, geography, social choices, etc.

I guess what I am getting at is, you will get the name and the face of the person towards the end and not at the beginning like happens with the current hot social networking sites.

Often times you will meet people and strike a small conversation, and you realize you have run out of steam, there is nothing much to explore, nothing much to talk about anymore, and you move on. You don't bother to know more about the person, let alone learn their name and figure what they look like.

Or you might meet people you do want to share your name and face with early in the process, if you feel like it.

The power of the internet is not the people you already know. The power of the internet is people you can meet and get to know that you never would have if the internet were not there.

This concept can also be extended to group formation.

Groups would self form, grow or dissolve based on shared interest and engagement. And it could be scaled. Maybe there are 1,000 people who want to discuss the raging fires in Greece right now. But that group might have died out in about three weeks.

This will also work great for people who belong to ethnic groups that are small in number and are dispersed.

And of course the whole site should make great use of the rest of the web.

Maybe there should be automatic Google searches and YouTube searches for all areas of interest.

So if my interest is Barack Obama, I would get the top 5 headlines on him when I log in, and the headlines should be top, middle or bottom of the page depending on how much I am into Obama according to the system. Do I talk about him a lot?

The system should make room for degrees of friendship. There should be an entire spectrum.

Best friend is at one end. Block this person from my system should be another. He should never be able to contact me again.

There is the activity partner. There is the acquaintance. There is the colleague. There is the friend. There is the conversation partner, the game partner. There is the lover.

I think this Unfacebook is closer to our social realities and how we go about meeting people when we want to meet people and expand our social horizons.

Somebody could launch this Unfacebook, or like Facebook 2.0 was all the applications, Facebook 3.0 could be this Unfacebook. And if you do adopt this, invite me to sit your Board, fellas.

And after you feel like you have become friends with someone, you of course will have the option to bring them into your walled garden, into the Facebook 2.0 zone, the Facebook of today, the Ununfacebook.

Mark Andreessen, Facebook Fan: Analyzing the Facebook Platform, three weeks in

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Nic Butterworth's Open Coffee MeetUp

You get off the 6 train on Astor Place, and you just can't miss the Starbucks. It's right there. Thursday 9.15 AM. So that totally weeds out those who are just out for beer. Jobholders and entrepreneurs are two different species. If you should be at work at 9.15 in the morning, you probably don't belong here.

Nic Butterworth has the relaxed ways of someone who has already proven himself before. You feel easy around him. He is talking, then at the same time he is taking one step back and being his creative self. Parts of him keep churning what he is good at churning out even when he is very much with you.

I met him first on Tuesday evening at Scott's Tech MeetUp. (Scott 2.0, 2.0) Nic's thing basically was that on YouTube you get lost. If you are into snowboarding, and you want many super clips of one particular move, you can't do that on YouTube. You come to Nic. This kind of vertical niche search has enormous value. He is definitely adding some serious value, and that is where the riches are.

That is the key question entrepreneurs have to ask themselves. Am I adding value?

I was the second person to sign up for it: The New York Open Coffee Meetup. So I am thinking, will it be just him and me? My train had a 20 minute delay, and so I was about five minutes late. And the place was full. It was crowded. How did he do it? How do you go from two on Tuesday midnight to 22 on Thursday morning? I am thinking, maybe the guy is famous.

Apparently most people had already introduced themselves. I got up, said my name, and talked up the IC for 20 seconds. The IC is a doughnut. It is not Nobel Prize for Physics material. It is meant to be a commodity.

The group broke into three, finance, real estate, and something else. I stuck with finance. The lead person had been in the Silicon Valley for 20 years. He made it sound like the East Coast, West Coast thing in tech and venture capital was no different than it is with rap music. New York is more conservative. Here people are not used to taking chances. You already should be churning some profit for them to pump money into you. Whereas in California, the idea sells.

I am not going anywhere. My market is right here. NYC is my number one market. Got contact info for one angel investor.

Met Christine, hardware Korean, software American. Cheerful. She was adopted by a South Dakota family when she was five months old. ("I have been to South Dakota.") She has worked at Microsoft in its XBox division. She is multicultural. She has lived in Paris a few years, for example. ("I have been to Wisconsin. It is like another planet.") She has that entrepreneur DNA, it is so obvious. Her company is called Mao Networks. And I am thinking Chairman Mao. She says it is an island off of Spain. Well then, that island must have been named after Chairman Mao.

And there was this London lady just passing through town. And three ladies around a table staying late. "Men don't change. Inside they are the same. Outside it looks different." Summary: it is a sexist world, and you feel that inside corporations, inside relationships.

There were so many good ideas floating around. It was so educational to get inside peeps into many startups at different stages of their growth. Frankly, I could not have enough of this. It could have gone on a few more hours, and I would still stick around.

Good thing this will happen every Thursday morning. Now I know what rush hour train rides are like.

It is important not to lose focus though. These meetings should not be the sharpening pencils sessions as a way to postpone actually doing the homework.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Scott 2.0, 2.0

Social Networking: Where The Internet Comes Down From The Clouds

When I moved to NYC summer of 2005, one of the people I got to know was Scott. "Man, meeting you is like meeting a movie star!" I was a Deaniac from 2004, and was all the rage. We clicked just like that, became friends. He invited me over to come see him at his office. I complimented on the color red. My cultural background is primary colors and loud voices. Americans wear drab and talk soft.

I came to NYC to cultivate my business idea but got sucked into the democracy movement in Nepal, best work I ever did. I mean, when your house is on fire, you don't go cultivate a business. But as of past week, I am back. And the place I started was at The first event listed was one I had started: NYC Aspiring Entrepreneurs. Someone Jessica was running it now. She turned out to be Jessica Mah, 16. I visited her blog when I went back home. She was complaining how she thought she ought to be made Organizer of the Month but her being 16 was being used against her.

When I met Scott today, I put in word for her. He wrote her name down. And he gets to read this blog entry also. She runs a terrific large group. And she is a Scott in the making herself. I think you are going to hear more of her. She is an entrepreneur. She has it. She dreams of creating "the eBay of services." Way to go.

At Jessica's MeetUp I met Ed, a veteran who has worked for companies like IBM, real tall guy, West Indies background, that accent. He might help me find investors, he said.

And Scott's NY Tech Meetup. This thing has gone so big. Watching the presentations felt like being in a movie theater. It was like having a front seat into the future of the web. The internet started out as a poster. Then it became a little more interactive. Today's slew of presentations blew me away. The interactions are going to a whole new level. Graphic, intuitive stuff are coming along.

Video Of The MeetUp Tonight
This event was covered on
Video Of The Event

The first guy allowed you to insert comments into a video clip. One guy Mark, who sat next to me at the exclusive dinner after the event at a Tibetan place (Momo anyone? I am addicted to momo from my days in Kathmandu, I had two servings), allowed you to connect the dots and make pictures, that which you did as a kid on paper. Mind blowing. And he is just doing it on the side, no business plan yet, he talked like he just had to get it out of his system. Another was offering vertical silos of high quality videos. You just can't get that on YouTube. Say you are into snowboarding, you perhaps want many clips of a particular move, high quality ones.

There is never going to be enough of two things on the web: content and search. The possibilities are as limitless as the human mind.

I wish there were a place at the Tech MeetUp page where you could find the links to all the websites that get presented. Mark, add your link in the comments section please. I did not have a pen on me.

The most mindblowing presentation was DayLife. It was out of this world. I got a glimpse of search the way it should be. The human mind does not think in terms of lists of links. It thinks the way of the DayLife presentation.

CEO Upendra. He was at the dinner. MIT guy. Came out of school in 1994. Sold his Firefly to Microsoft. Microsoft Passport is his thing. So Bill Gates bought Hotmail from Sabeer Bhatia and Passport from Upendra, what does he offer of his own? How smart is Bill Gates really? Powerful, yes, but smart? Maybe he started out smart, and just got powerful.

His namesake - Upendra Mahato in Moscow - is the richest Nepali on earth. Mahato just invested into my startup yesterday, a symbolic gesture. I have been flying high since. I emailed a pitch also to this local, Indian Upendra after I got back home. He speaks in the measured tones of someone who grew up in America, as he did.

Vineet Gupta also at DayLife. He is a UP guy. That state in India is like a galaxy. It is such a huge population and the politics is so rumbunctious.

Tips for Scott. still has this huge edge on social networking sites that exist only online. Noone emphasizes facetime like But add more features in the "add friends" section so exchanging business cards becomes a thing of the past. I guess you "steal" more and more select features from places like MySpace and Facebook. Sorry if I sounded fuzzy. In short, should compete on both facetime and screentime, and not just on facetime, which it already has an edge on.

Got to meet Scott's girlfriend Emily who works at the UN. Small world, go figure. Emily and I figured we both know someone in common, Julie! Julie has made documentaries on Nepal.

And there was this 13 year old daughter of an Assistant Organizer. She is the one who I gave my $5 for the event to. She was at the gate collecting. I kept reminding her about that - the money part - at dinner. "You are the one who took away my money!"

About 500 people at the MeetUp, 10 at the dinner afterwards. Thanks Scott for inviting.

And I am slated to go to this MeetUp Thursday morning: The New York Open Coffee Meetup. Others go to work, I go to a MeetUp. I am hungry for investors right now. Nicholas was the first to sign. I was number two. He just launched this MeetUp.

Parting ways for the evening, I exclaimed to Upendra, "I don't have the slightest clue where I am at right now!" He gave me gentle directions to the Union Square station.

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2 April21:10Google, Mountain View, California, United States
2 April22:21Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
3 April00:00Verizon Internet Services, Tampa, Florida, United States
3 April11:30New Wave Communications, Somerset, Kentucky, United States
3 April19:02University of Wisconsin-Parkside, Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States
4 April00:19Speedlinq netblocks, Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands, The

Kanak Mani Dixit, Rhoderick Chalmers Event: Julie

Guy Kawasaki interview with Steve Wozniak

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