Thursday, September 02, 2010

Apple Trying To "Get" Social Now?

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New York Times: Bits: Apple-Facebook Friction Erupts Over Ping: Apple’s entry into social networking with the iTunes music social network Ping on Wednesday ..... Facebook insists that businesses that send a lot of traffic to its servers first work with the company to make sure those problems can be handled smoothly

Google's efforts at trying to "get" social are legendary. There have been so many failed attempts. Now looks like it is Apple's turn to "get" social. Google and Apple are competing on so many different fronts. Apple is not in search yet, and Google is not into hardware yet, but other than that they are all over each other. And now looks like Apple just got interested in social.

Hotmail was the first web email program. But then everyone started doing their own little email program. Yahoo got one. A few years later Google got one. The inbox did not stay with Hotmail. Social is the same way. Social does not belong to Facebook any more than the inbox belonged to Hotmail.

What happens when both Apple and Facebook try to do social? What happens when Facebook and FourSquare both try to do location? Sometimes friction happens.

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