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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

मेरो टेक ब्लॉग मा नेपाली भाषामा लेख्दा

यो मेरो टेक ब्लॉग हो। यहाँ म पहिलो पटक नेपाली भाषामा लेखिराखेको छु। मेरो नेपाल ब्लॉग छ जहाँ मैले नेपाली मा हजारौं पटक लेखेको छु। तर त्यो राजनीतिक ब्लॉग हो। यो चाहिँ मेरो टेक्नोलॉजी र बिजनेस सम्बन्धी ब्लॉग हो। नेपालमा टेकेर ग्लोबल साउथ मा पस्रिने किसिमका टेक्नोलॉजी स्टार्टअप हरु बारे कुरा गर्नु छ। अंग्रेजी मात्र होइन, नेपाली पनि विज्ञानं प्रविधि र बिजनेस को भाषा हो। हामीले देखेको ईकॉमर्स को सपना मा देश र दुनिया को प्रत्येक भाषा बिजनेस को भाषा हो।

मैले केही महिना देखि यूट्यूब मा विडियो ब्लॉग्गिंग पनि गर्दै आएको छु। मुख्य रूपले नेपालीमा। तर मैथिलि र हिन्दीमा पनि बोलेको छु। विडियो ब्लॉग्गिंग को त्यो मजा हुँदो रहेछ। बोल्दा बोल्दै अर्को भाषा मा बोल्न पुगे फरक नपर्ने। मुख्य कुरा भाषा होइन, मुख्य कुरा हो कुरा बुझ्नु।

निजगढ एयरपोर्ट ले भारत र चीन जोड्ने काम गर्छ

Friday, August 05, 2016

DealSpotr: Social, And Sharing, And Ecommerce And Deals

DealSpotr is a flash sale site. Carlista Macy reached out to me. Next thing I know, I signed up.

I am in the market for a Chromebook right now. And I was surprised to see a deal for $200 at the site on the very first page. It did not feel like I had entered too many details. The smarts of ecommerce sites these days!

On Facebook and Twitter you are sharing links to articles you read. On DealSpotr you are sharing deals from wherever you might find them on the web. DealSpotr is for the shopping kind. I am not a big shopper myself, but ecommerce is a perennial fascination. It ties into the monetization strategy of many tech startups. And the social aspect of the sharing thing intrigues me.

Should a deal you spotted ends up taking off, you get rewarded.

This is like when people would collect coupons, from a newspaper cutting here, a newspaper cutting there, only this is, of course, digital. But the coupon collecting of the good old days did not have the ease of sharing, and you were not rewarded simply for collecting coupons.

But then if you have an even modest social media presence, perhaps an active Twitter account, a blog with a decent readership, you could really up your engagement level with the site.

The site reminds me of which came out around the year 2,000. You wrote product reviews and you earned money if a lot of people read your reviews. This site is also a money maker for active participants.

You could earn a $20 Amazon gift card during your first visit at the site by doing the basics at this social couponing site.

The newsfeed format means you get deals as per the interests you have listed. And you can upvote deals. If one of the deals you thus upvoted becomes "hot," you get rewarded.

This site is much more focused than Pinterest, for the specific niche of deals and coupons and shopping.

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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Ecommerce In India

Experts see India’s e-commerce market at an inflection point. A recent Morgan Stanley report titled “The Next India” said Indian e-commerce would expand to $100 billion in revenue by 2020, from $2.9 billion in 2013, making it the world’s fastest-growing market...... Ant Financial, an Alibaba affiliate that invested $575 million in January for a 25 percent stake. .... Paytm has 20 million active wallet users (compared with 190 million for Ant Financial’s service Alipay, China’s largest) and aims to quintuple this by 2016. Some experts predict that mobile wallet users will overtake credit card users in India. ..... For investors in Indian e-commerce, China’s growth provides evidence that the scale is real and achievable ...... As in China, India’s smaller cities and towns lack retail infrastructure. In 5,000 cities and towns, tapping an app is the new equivalent of a visit to the mall, and it could unleash pent-up demand for the latest fashion or the newest device. ..... India resembles China of seven to 10 years ago in its broadband Internet growth, creation of digital-native marketplaces and rapid user adoption. Even ideas like online grocers, which have just started to gain a foothold in places like Silicon Valley could do well in India. ..... “So investors who won in China are playing in India. Those who missed in China, too, are playing in India. This is the land of opportunity”

The Next India
India’s new government has the strongest mandate in 30 years to deliver reforms ..... The government’s reform agenda must rein in corruption and streamline the regulatory and bureaucratic complexities of doing business so that foreign and domestic investors can feel more confident. If successful, growth in labor, capital and technology in tandem can power productivity and industrial output in ways that are simply not possible in Reform Club peers such as Japan, South Korea and China. For example, new capital can fund technologically advanced factories that can hire relatively inexpensive labor, assuring a market advantage in terms productivity, cost base and quality of product. ....... Over the next 10 years, India will contribute an additional 124 million people to the global labor pool, accounting for nearly 25% of the increase in the world’s working-age population. Economic growth that creates better-paying jobs can transform this youth demographic into a rising middle class, which will also be better educated, more aware of information technology and better able to take advantage of globalization trends.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Ecommerce: Sizzling Space

Last year, e-commerce sales around the world surpassed $1 trillion for the first time; Amazon accounted for more than 5% of that volume.
That 5% figure is telling. Amazon does not dominate. There is so much room for innovation in retailing.
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