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Monday, January 07, 2013

I Like To Read, I Like To Take Pictures

Nexus 4: My First Smartphone
Nexus 4 Is Way Too Cool

I have been playing with my Nexus 4 for days now. It is such a joy.

I have downloaded and organized a whole bunch of apps. I have discovered that I really like to read. Some of my favorite apps help me read. I also seem to like to take pictures. I have discovered. These are not revelations to me. More like confirmations. But confirmations I am happy about.

I really like to read. Pocket is a good one. It beats Flipboard in my book. I like the idea of saving in Pocket on my laptop to read later on the phone. My private homepage on my laptop already has an excellent curation of read destinations.

Amazon Kindle is awesome and easily my favorite app on my seven inch tablet. I am glad to have the Wikipedia app on the phone. Wikipedia is an awesome aspect of the Internet.

I have tried and loved several game apps. I played for hours, one of them overnight, it seemed like. But I did not find myself going back to them the following day. Chess I have gone back to. That is a good classic game in which to want to climb levels.

Path pictures are good, as Instagram pictures. The smartphone is such a poor camera that it has to make up for through filters and effects.

It is a treat to be able to download apps for your phone while sitting in front of a laptop.
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Vimeo, Circa, Instapaper All Look Good

Image representing Yahoo! as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase
But she does not have the money for Pinterest. She gave it away.

I am not that sure about Quora. It might be too expensive.

Vimeo would be a must in my book, and Circa would be a great foray into mobile.

I don't think Path is for sale.

Flipboard and Circa are both interesting. News is a major consumption item on mobile, just like on the web.
"Search is a core daily habit for all of us and a fundamental user behavior, the top priority for Yahoo," she said. "We'll focus on reshaping Search, driving smart distribution deals and making organic investments to grow our market share. There's a clear upside potential here, and it's time now to execute against it...... Mayer will likely be courting search start-ups that can beef up Yahoo's algorithmic chops in the ad-tech space."
When Mayer takes on Page on search, sparks will fly.

She has a better chance of competing with Google in the ad space than search. A number two position in search is pretty good too.

I am not familiar with Criteo, but if it is like Google AdWords, that would be swell.

A Roadmap of Yahoo's (Potential) Acquisition Targets

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Marissa Mayer's Billions

Even when Steve Jobs was sitting on 50 billion dollars he did not give any of that back to shareholders. Why would Marissa Mayer part ways with seven billion dollars?

$7 billion would come in very handy to help Marissa Mayer reinvent Yahoo
Marissa Mayer, who looks to be clearing the decks in preparation for significant changes to Yahoo strategy .... looks for acquisitions .... Judiciously spent, $7 billion might be the ticket to help the once-proud Internet giant regain some of its former glory
I say buy Flipboard. Buy the Pinterest competitor.

With this seven billion Mayer should be able to grow Yahoo's market value by 20 billion over three years. But if she spends more than a billion on acquisitions I'd get suspicious.

Put money in house into search, email and Flickr.
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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Zite: A Challenge To The Social Paradigm

Image representing Flipboard as depicted in Cr...Image via CrunchBaseMaybe social is like search. It is yesterday. The next wave is that of personalization. Search will stay. Social will stay. Both will stick around. In big ways. But perhaps the next wave in innovation is personalization. What if your service figures out ways to know you really, really well?

Food/Social = Physics, Coding = Mathematics
Amit Kapur Might Be Upto Something
Social Is A Pendulum Swing
The Next Big Thing In Social Networking

That would make room for all sorts of services that portend to be the Pandora of this, the Pandora of that.

2015: A Mobile Tech Company Will Storm The Room
2011-2015: A Mobile Stretch