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Monday, July 14, 2014

Third Time Watching: Vinod, Larry, Sergey

I am watching this video for the third time now, the second time today. These just so happen to be three of the most fascinating people in tech.

The Google Guys seem to have some First World Problems. The world is nowhere close to an age of abundance. Maybe by 2050 if we get our act together. But now? No way.

Google failed at health, when it first tried. But I hope it is not done. If it can do to health what it is trying to do to transportation, that would be monumental.

Larry saying something about the government being illogical about spectrum. I feel that way strongly about immigration. And quite a few other things.

If being a CEO is about photogenics, Sergei is better media feed than Larry. There's ethics, there's photogenics. But Larry is awesome. In terms of sheer impact, Steve Jobs has nothing on Larry Page.

Friday, June 06, 2014

The Only Way Google Can Grow Like Crazy

English: Left to right, Eric E. Schmidt, Serge...
English: Left to right, Eric E. Schmidt, Sergey Brin and Larry Page of Google Polski: Od lewej do prawej: Eric E. Schmidt, Sergey Brin i Larry Page z firmy Google (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The only way Google can grow like crazy - and crazy is double digits - year in year out is if it gets a few more billion people online fast. Universal internet access is still Google's best bet, a better bet than Google Glass - duh! - and the Google Car. It is imaginable when one company dominated the PC operating system, but it is harder to explain why one company dominates online search. You were told growing up the competition was only one click away. But Google does. And so no matter how you play it, Google benefits simply by getting more people online. As in, it can simply keep offering the services it offers, and bring in three more billion people online, and it will have passed 500 billion in market value, and that 500 is a conservative estimate. I am surprised it is spending only one billion on satellites. Google should spend 10 billion, maybe 20 billion, and get everybody online already, like within a year, or two, before Obama passes out of office. This is not charity yo, this is big business. Waiting would hurt. If Google takes 10 years to get everybody online, there is no telling another search engine will not show up. 10 years are a long time in tech innovation. Maybe Jack Ma has a cousin or two. This is called printing money. This is called zero risk taking. This is harvest time for Google. The hard work has already been done, and the money is sitting in the bank like banana.

For every billion Google spends to get more of the world's people online, its market value is going to go up by at least two, maybe five, sometimes 10. Bhagat's Google Law, if you need a name for the easy math.
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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Lifting Up Billions Requires Technology

Imagine, you touch the glass screen, and the microfinance company gets to see your credit history tied to your figerprint. And you get a loan sent to your phone m-Pesa style. You make your minimum monthly payments over the phone. The phone cost you $30 to buy because you agreed to watch ads. And the internet connection to it comes from Google Loon balloons far up in the sky. By the way, the phone also lets you participate in MOOCs, Massive Open Online Courses. You have been educating yourself in the middle of nowhere. There was a voice based community of your "classmates" that you have never met. And the phone comes with apps that are as good as a good doctor for the basics.
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Skype Should Give Me A Free Phone Number

Image representing Skype as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase
Skype should give me a free phone number like Google Voice does. And then they should get into a race to give me limitless voice calls over those numbers over data and WiFi. To kick the carriers out. They charge too much.

Skype already has great sound quality over long (read international) distances. A number would be nice to have unpaid for.
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