Sunday, March 26, 2023

Artificial Intelligence: Like Motorbikes? Rockets? Or Terminator?

Steve Jobs said his computer was like a bicycle for the mind. His PC was revolutionary. Before that computers were these behemoths that occupied their own air-conditioned rooms. You read about them like you read about astronauts today. They were supposed to have superpowers. If you were smart, they said you were a computer.

ChatGPT has suddenly brought Artificial Intelligence to the masses. AI has been around a long time. Just like the Internet was around for decades until the Netscape browser brought it to the masses.

What do we already know? You could create drones and program them to go after and fire at and kill every person who met certain profiles. Is that a computer program? Or is that sentient? What difference does it make? It is still killing people.

Drones have been around for long years. They made news by crashing into Afghan wedding parties.

Is ChatGPT like a motorbike for the mind?

Or a car? Perhaps even a rocket down the line? Rockets are safer than cars because they shoot straight into space. Faster but safer. Perhaps the best AIs, the safest ones, will simply talk to each other and serve humankind.

I like the cars metaphors. Cars are heavily regulated. AI needs regulation. But those regulations can only be fair and global. Otherwise they will not work.

Crypto has been a great example of botched regulation. With AI we can not afford that.

I propose the creation of an AI 100. These will be the top AI companies on the planet that will form a consortium that will meet at least annually in person, in a different city each year, to hammer out regulations that they propose be applied globally, but that will still have to be ratified by each national parliament individually.

Without these regulations we will soon be looking at chaos and mayhem. I think we have a few short years at best. The AI companies themselves have to take the lead. They don't have politicians to blame.

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