Sunday, March 26, 2023

Is Chat Interface Like The Graphical User Interface? CI like GUI?

The Age of AI has begun Artificial intelligence is as revolutionary as mobile phones and the Internet. (Bill Gates).

ChatGPT Plugins the OpenAI ChatGPT plugins might just be the next big thing. ..... Google has been the undisputed ruler of the customer journey for years now, dominating both browsers with Chrome and search engines with They’ve even gone a step further by introducing their own suite of products to capture more data on the user and replace other websites, like Google Flights and Google For Retailer. It’s clear that Google has been playing the long game, but is it time for a new player to shake things up? ........ forget typing in a search bar, you can now talk directly to an agent and get the information you need. ........ until two days ago, ChatGPT was still “limited” because it didn’t have access to the latest information and the “internet”. ..... The introduction of the ChatGPT plugins has revolutionized the game yet again - ChatGPT now has plugs into the “internet” and can be fed with all the websites out there. This means that the traditional customer journey is about to get a serious shake-up. ....... What if OpenAI doesn’t need Chrome or any other browser? .

What if OpenAI doesn’t need Chrome or any other browser? What if they don’t need middle-men either? ..... they could allow operation providers to connect directly with customers through the ChatGPT interface

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