Thursday, March 30, 2023

30: GPT-4

Don't trap me in a chat window Today's announcement video of Copilot for Microsoft Office shows a great integration of the chat experience in Excel. I'm really looking forward to what they do next. .

Can New York Fix Its Housing Crisis? It Depends on the Suburbs The governor’s quest, to force suburbs around New York City to build more housing, is meeting with resistance........ some Scarsdale residents complained that new residents could strain schools and burden taxpayers. ......... Resistance to bigger development is a familiar dynamic in suburbs like Scarsdale, where single-family homes and sprawl are distinctive features. .............. a mission to get 800,000 units built over the next decade and ease the state’s housing crisis. ........ The New York City suburbs are considered the birthplace of American suburbia: New Yorkers began moving in droves to communities in Westchester County and on Long Island to escape urban life beginning in the 20th century. .

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