Monday, March 27, 2023

27: Artificial Intelligence

This Chipmaking Step Is Crucial to the Future of Computing—and Just Got 40x Faster Thanks to Nvidia

GODFATHER OF AI SAYS THERE'S A MINOR RISK IT'LL ELIMINATE HUMANITY "IT'S NOT INCONCEIVABLE." "Until quite recently, I thought it was going to be like 20 to 50 years before we have general purpose AI," Hinton said. "And now I think it may be 20 years or less." ....... an AGI would be capable of learning and thinking on its own to solve a vast array of problems. ...... we should be carefully considering its consequences now — which may include the minor issue of it trying to wipe out humanity. ....... the real issue on the horizon is how AI technology that we already have — AGI or not — could be monopolized by power-hungry governments and corporations ........ humanity still has a little bit of breathing room before things get completely out of hand ............ "we're going to move towards systems that can understand different world views" — which is spooky, because it inevitably means whoever is wielding the AI could use it push a worldview of their own. ....... "You don't want some big for-profit company deciding what's true"

Cultured Chicken Is a Step Closer as a Second US Company Gets FDA Approved

OpenAI Connects ChatGPT to the Internet
Nvidia Speeds Key Chipmaking Computation by 40x
Epic’s New Motion-Capture Animation Tech Has to Be Seen to Be Believed
United to Fly Electric Air Taxis to O’Hare Beginning in 2025
These New Tools Let You See for Yourself How Biased AI Image Models Are
BMW’s New Factory Doesn’t Exist in Real Life, but It Will Still Change the Car Industry
Fusion Power Is Coming Back Into Fashion
Plastic Paving: Egyptian Startup Turns Millions of Bags Into Tiles

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