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Sunday, September 08, 2013

How To Massively Scale Zady

Crowdsourcing and Big Data and a rating/flagging system.

I don't need to know Sergey Brin to be able to post an ad on Google. It is an automated process. I don't know Morgan Freeman, I mean Meg Whitman, although I believe I do follow Pierre Omidyar on Twitter ("Can you like tweet back once in a while, Omidi?") but I can list items on eBay just fine.

Zady runs the risk of ending up interesting and small. But it has the potential to be really big. And big is when you make it easy for people to get on the Zady train. I hope the startup has a great CTO who will put the brains to carve out a great tech solution to the scaling issue.
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Zady Makes Me Think Of 3D Printing Somehow

I came across Zady across various social media platforms and streams I peruse regularly when it first hit the "airwaves." Today I looked it up on Google News. It is an interesting twist. Clothitarian? This is like Mark Zuckerberg killing his own meat. What's the source? You want to know the source. It is kind of like blogging. The best bloggers are not professional bloggers but people who are extremely knowledgeable in their domain. They are the source. You should link to them, not just quote them up. Fast food, fast clothing. Fast fashion. Kiva and Etsy.

I kept thinking 3D printing. In that in an era when connectivity is plentiful, information is plentiful, the least you should be able to know is who sewed it up, right? I think it is interesting, I hope it is scalable.

Looks like Soraya Darabi's hibernation is over. She had half a million followers on Twitter. And you thought that was a fluke. And Google Plus launched and she had half a million followers there as well and pretty fast too. How does that work?

And who knew Zady was available as a name! I thought all two syllable names were long gone.
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Monday, June 27, 2011

FoodSpotting API

Image representing Foodspotting as depicted in...Image via CrunchBaseFoodSpotting's Dish As Starting Point
Twitter ---> Instagram ---> FoodSpotting

I was just reading this and it occurred to me that the solution to my number one gripe about FoodSpotting lies in the app releasing an API: social is for other independent developers to do.
Inc.: 30 Under 30: Alexa Andrzejewksi, Soraya Darabi, and Ted Grubb, Founders of Foodspotting: To learn about bootstrapping her book project, she joined Women 2.0 and started aggressively networking, talking about her plan to catalog restaurant dishes. Tech start-up veteran programmer Ted Grubb met her at a happy hour at Adaptive Path, where Andrzejewski was a consultant, and advised she steer her 20th-Century project into the smartphone era...... When he couldn’t find Andrzejewski a qualified technical co-founder, Grubb decided to learn iPhone programming himself, and he created a prototype Foodspotting app while in a decidedly un-2.0 setting: a tent in the wilderness. ...... New York media darling Soraya Darabi .... scored $3 million in angel funding. ...... "I know that I'm working more than—or as much as—I have in other jobs, but it doesn't feel like work, and that's the huge emotional difference for me" ....... on the forefront of the local, mobile, social app space ...... an international hit, with global "super spotters" staging "eat-ups" in hundreds of cities globally. ...... When it debuted in the iTunes app store, Foodspotting was one of just six apps in the location-based category. "The space has heated up a ton since last July—today it's a crowded space, actually—but back when we were raising money it was new to everybody," Andrzejewski says...... Despite initial investor skepticism, and nine months of bootstrapping, the trio was able to raise $3 million in funding from BlueRun Ventures. That's allowed the company to expand to ten employees: two in New York City, and eight in an open-air-cafĂ©-inspired office in San Francisco's SoMa neighborhood. To stay connected bi-coastally, Skype and SocialCast are open constantly on everyone's computers...... "And just as many funny things happen on Skype as in the office."
The API might also be the solution to the aspect that might most excite me about FoodSpotting personally: SMS enabled spotting of dishes around the world. Food is like music: you could discover endlessly. It is not possible to spot all the dishes that got made around the world just today, no matter how much crowdsourcing you do, and dishes morph. Recipes are alive, just like language stays alive. Good cooks improvise like jazz musicians.

Jessica Mah, Mark Zuckerberg
Jessica Mah: The Most Promising 19 Year Old Tech Entrepreneur In America

Dropbox, FoodSpotting, GroupMe, Hipmunk, inDinero, Instagram, and Quora are some of the names on the list that stand out.

The Color Social Graph Might Work Better For Books, Movies, Music

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dial M For Murder

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Music Places

Recently I have taken to listening to a whole bunch of music on Tumblr.

The Music Tag On Tumblr

Some great places to go for music are these, in no particular order.

World Singles Chart
Song Of The Day

Two Hall of Famers would be Soraya Darabi and Fred Wilson, people who stand out in the NY tech ecosystem regardless, but I don't think that is accidental, great thinking in tech seems to go hand in hand with voracious consumption of good music. So listen: listen. They have great taste. They are both addicted to music.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Robyn: Indestructible

(Via Soraya Darabi)

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Saturday, May 07, 2011

FoodSpotting Third Thursday: Ai Fiori, 5-7 PM

Monday lunch at a food truck was perhaps not the best idea, even though it was on the 15th of the month. But I am so glad the biggest event at South By South West revolved around food trucks. 2011 they did on one day, I think the plan is to do every day in 2012. That is when things are going to go really crazy for FoodSpotting. They do that and then they can raise 10 to 20 million dollars. Yahoo is going to want to buy them.

"I am a man of the people."
- Laloo Yadav

Friday, May 06, 2011

Joe's Shanghai: Dumplings Nazi

The Best of The Soup Nazi
Seinfeld-Soup Nazi (Greatest Parts)
Seinfeld Soup Nazi Clip

I showed up on time and there was a long line. Amy Cao and Jeremy Frank had not RSVPd. Soraya Darabi RSVPing does not count, she does the Scott Heiferman thing, I have noted a few times. Scott will RSVP for events to be there in spirit. Besides, I was aware of the ongoing 99 Percent Conference. And I am thinking, there is this ridiculously long line, and Nick Rovisa is the only name and face I seem to remember from the RSVP list. If he does not show up, I will not even know who to look for. 10 minutes later I just went in.

Looks Like Soraya Darabi Rocked The 99 Percent Conference

Image representing Friendster as depicted in C...Image via CrunchBaseSoraya Darabi: Mobile Productivity Tools
Soraya Darabi: Top 5: Strike 3
Soraya Darabi On TechCrunch TV
Soraya Darabi In New York Magazine

I have been meaning to write a post on this article in some Australian newspaper, and this conference happened in NYC already before I got around to it. The word that kept coming to my mind was radical.