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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tech Aviv

A Fan Of Israel

Europe's hottest startups 2015: Tel Aviv
The startup nation became the exit nation in 2014, with Israeli tech sales and IPOs hitting $15 billion (£9.5bn) ..... "What sets Israel and Tel Aviv apart is its openness" ..... "You can meet almost anyone, and everyone knows and talks to -- and about -- each other." ..... "Entrepreneurs will focus not only on innovative technologies," he says, "but on building disruptive companies out of Israel." ...... Consumer Physics wants to build a molecular map of the world ..... StoreDot has developed a smartphone battery that can be charged in one minute. ...... Windward analyses commercial satellite feeds and maritime data to track the location and contents of every major seafaring vessel in the world .. Its aim: real-time updates and insights for maritime markets and intelligence agencies. ...... Moovit's transport app provides real-time public navigation on buses, trains and tubes. Using a combination of public-data feeds and feedback from users, it claims to provide travel times more accurately than its rivals. ......... Zebra Medical teaches computers to diagnose diseases. .. has partnered with Israeli imaging centres and universities worldwide to build a database of images. "We have millions of diagnosed MRIs, CT scans and X-Rays," says Gura. In April it secured $8m in funding led by Khosla Ventures. ....... Calling itself "the Robin Hood of fees", FeeX identifies hidden charges in investment and retirement funds

Berlin And Tel Aviv: How Two Top Startup Hubs Are Stacking Up
They are home to two of the world’s most dynamic tech startup hubs. Separated by 3,000 miles the cities of Berlin and Tel Aviv share a surprising number of similarities in terms of their startup cultures. ..... “The Berlin way is extremely structured and long term and Berlin’s startups usually think big. They set high goals. And then they create very detailed roadmaps in order to drive the company towards them. People really believe that ‘big dreams start small’,” says Kagan, a Tel Aviv native whose career in ad-tech spans more than ten years. ....... “And this is great for us as managers, since it forces us to combine innovative thinking about the future and practical thinking about the present. Tel Aviv, on the other hand, has an approach that is more spontaneous, with less hesitation when starting up and more improvisation along the way.” ...... While Berlin has more local business angels than big investors, Tel Aviv’s venture capital, per person, is much higher and mostly from non-Israeli investors. ........ Alibaba is a case in point. Earlier this year the world’s largest e-commerce firm made a strategic investment in Jerusalem Venture Partners worth tens of millions of dollars.

Behind Israel's Startup Success Is A Mountain of International Collaboration
How Israel became Israel is a complicated story. ........ The truth is that to become the #2 startup ecosystem in the world after Silicon Valley, it’s taken a complicated calculus of educational, societal, and entrepreneurial influences to make Israel the economy it is. ....... Did you know that in Massachusetts alone, Israeli companies doing business there have generated over $6.2 billion in 2013 and employ 6700 people in the state? ....... emerging sectors such as nanotechnology, robotics, and 3-D printing coming from collaboration between Israeli and global scientists, entrepreneurs and business partners. .......

the young country has always focused on human resources to address its natural resources problem.

...... The high-end of Israel’s academic world has shined brightly over the past few decades, winning numerous Nobels and contributing to the advancement of science globally. While science has flourished, Israel has a lot to learn from global educational institutions. One interesting development to watch is Cornell University’s partnership with Israel’s Technion (considered the M.I.T. of Israel). ....... Israel is still trending up as the U.S.’s #3 innovation partner, right behind Switzerland and Canada. So, as Israel, the Startup Nation, grows into its big-boy, Scale-up Nation shoes, other nations looking for its secret sauce can look directly to its partnering ability for guidance. Israel’s technology and startup ecosystem have both benefited from and created global partnerships that work to support growth in Israeli ingenuity on a global scale.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

One Gig Is The Real Deal

Image representing Cisco as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase
Israel's 1Gbps fiber will show the world what superfast broadband can really do: Cisco CEO
Chambers predicts the network will bring in major changes: healthcare where doctors are connected instantly to providers' and hospitals' databases, with all records kept electronically and updated constantly; an education-anywhere system, where students can learn at home, in class, or elsewhere, communicating with teachers and fellow students over the internet; safer roads and streets (a major issue in road accident-prone Israel), with traffic authorities able to keep better tabs on speeders and unsafe drivers; and a proliferation of "internet of things" technology, with sensors keeping air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, front doors, and more connected to systems than can enable better and more efficient allocation of electricity and other resources. In a few years, all of this should be in place, according to Chambers...... unlike most other places, Israel "is truly a start-up nation". ..... "Israel is second to the US in the sheer number of startups, but because of the population differences, Israel's 'per capita startup' ratio is much higher," he said.
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