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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Samsung On The Swing

English: Samsung Logo Suomi: Samsungin logo
English: Samsung Logo Suomi: Samsungin logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Samsung is quite a success story.

Samsung's road to global domination
in the weeks following the launch of Apple's iPhone 5, Samsung sold a record-breaking number of its own signature smartphone, the Galaxy S III. ...... Last year it overtook longtime leader Nokia to become the No. 1 player in cellphones, with 29% market share worldwide. In smartphones, those high-end devices with advanced computing power, Samsung is also No. 1 globally and in a dead heat with Apple in the U.S. ..... Apple sells one device, the iPhone, while Samsung offers 25 unique smartphones in the U.S.) "Samsung is on fire," says John Legere, CEO of mobile operator T-Mobile USA. ..... Thanks to tight control over an extensive supply chain (Samsung makes everything from screens to memory chips), it's been able to move quickly to meet the rising demand for its mobile devices, churning out more than 215 million smartphones globally last year. ..... last summer Verizon Wireless (VZ), T-Mobile, Sprint (S), and AT&T (T) agreed to launch the Galaxy S III phone simultaneously -- a major coup for Samsung. ...... it doesn't wield much control over the wireless ecosystem -- the mobile operating system, application store, and other software services that have helped make smartphones so popular ...... Samsung, which means "three stars" in Korean, started out as a small supplier of dried fish and noodles in the city of Daegu back in 1938. ..... In the most popular of the anti-Apple commercials -- the one that aired during the iPhone 5 launch, it turns out that one of the hipsters waiting in line for an Apple phone is actually holding a spot for his parents. Ouch. ..... Researchers are currently experimenting with innovations like bendable screens .... One of its largest components customers? Apple. .... "One could estimate that there would be at least a quarter's advantage due to internal control of all operations." ...... Today it makes 45% of all Android-based phones ...... it will make a phone that runs on Tizen -- an open-source operating system backed by Intel .... To help beef up its software know-how, the company is expanding its footprint in Silicon Valley. In December, Samsung announced it would soon open a new startup incubator in Palo Alto. The company is also building out a 1.1-million-square-foot R&D center in San Jose. ..... With a proprietary operating system, Samsung could enable its TVs to talk to Samsung-made phones and even washing machines. Applications and content could easily be shared among the different devices, making Samsung's entire line of consumer electronics much, much stickier with consumers.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Google: Top Place To Work

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase
Google continues to be the top place to work across industries. Of course the company is based on a fundamental invention. But that is not enough. The Google culture intrigues me. Others who have the resources do not go for it. So it is not just about the money.

FCC Chairman calls for gigabit internet in all 50 states by 2015
Fortune’s top 100 employers for 2013: Google first, Microsoft #75, Apple and Facebook don’t make it
Samsung Galaxy S IV Early Rumor Roundup: 8-Core Exynos 5 Chip, 5″ 440ppi Display, Wireless Charging
Samsung is building its own Android platform for the enterprise
Tony Fadell on the unique nature of Apple's design process
Nielsen: Smartphone Battle Ready To Rage In Brazil, Russia, India
VCs Invested $26.5B In 3,698 Companies In 2012, Total Dollars And Deal Volume Both Down
Google to build £1bn UK headquarters at London's King's Cross
Study: Learning Spanish With Duolingo Can Be More Effective Than College Classes Or Rosetta Stone
Google Wants Your Next Password To Be A Physical One
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Android Tablet, Phone

Image representing Android as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase
By now Android is no longer playing second place to the iOS in either the smartphone space or the tablet space. Nexus 7 has been a major arrival. Before that Amazon's Kindle Fire was the best product in the space running Android, but it was not Google's version of Android, and so it did not count for a win in Google's lap.

The Nexus 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S III have exceeded their Apple counterparts. Who is playing catch up now?

Google halts new orders for 16GB Nexus 7, surprised by demand
sales of the Nexus 7 have been "extremely brisk"
Samsung’s Galaxy S III surpasses 10 million sales in less than two months
By the end of the month, the device will be on sale via 296 carriers in 145 countries worldwide...... it and predecessor the Galaxy S, have together passed 50 million sales across the planet..... Samsung now counts itself as the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world ..... an August launch for its next-generation Galaxy Note

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