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Sites That Pay You To Blog

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List Of Sites That Pay You To Blog

I did a google search on "sites that pay you to blog" and these are the first 10 results that showed up. Before that I had visited result number one on my own. But it felt to me like it was hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. And I did not want to have to visit every suggested site and see for myself. How do you see for yourself? Do you register and participate and see if it works? So this is what I proceeded to do. I made a list of all the sites mentioned in these 10 blog posts/articles. The more often a site has been mentioned, the higher its ranking. Then I visited all the sites to weed out three dead links I found. These are in alphabetical order. 3 Mentions 3 Mentions 1 Mention 3 Mentions 1 Mention 4 Mentions 3 Mentions 1 Mention 4 Mentions 6 Mentions 1 Mention 1 Mention 1 Mention 10 Mentions 3 Mentions 8 Mentions 1 Mention 2 Mentions 7 Mentions 1 Mention 2 Mentions 6 Mentions 3 Mentions 5 Mentions
3 Mentions

5 Mentions And More 5 Mentions

Top 5 7 Mentions 7 Mentions

Mind you, I have not had the chance to cross check them. I took them at their word as to what they were offering. And I have shared. If a few of these are scams, don't blame me. If some of them do no better for you than if you ran AdSense ads on your own, don't blame me. If some of them work wonders for you, don't give me credit.

And this popularity contest is flawed. I visited only a few of those, but the best so far to my mind was: 2 Mentions

It is very hard to get in, but I went ahead and applied. They take four to eight weeks to get back with you. Their top earners make over $100,000 a year. is a New York Times company.

How do you do well at blogging?
  1. You have to be a good writer.
  2. You have to have expertise.
  3. You have to be passionate about your expertise.
  4. You have to be able to attract readers.
Some will argue if you are a really good blogger, all you need is these three Google properties.

You blog, you post ads, and you go engage with other like-minded bloggers in their comments sections.

Don't get fooled. Blogging for a living is kind of like doing stand-up comedy for a living. It is very hard. Most people who try don't make it. Many people are happy just being able to do it on the side as part timers.

Think about it. All these sites are businesses. They are in it to make money. And you are going to help them make money. Most of them are out to act middle people between bloggers and advertisers.

The top authority on how to make money blogging is this guy in Australia:

He makes big money blogging. His tip: Adsense alone will not cut it, although it will end up your top earner.

And then there are those who say forget ads. Your blog is your business card. It helps you sell you if you have a skill to sell:

How I made over $2 million with this blog (Scripting News)

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