Friday, April 17, 2009

The Human Is The Center Of Gravity In Computing

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Web 1.0 was, well, offline you had posters, online you had websites. That was so rudimentary and geeky, cheesy. That was early stage.

Web 2.0 has been way more exciting. we realized the web was meant to be populated by human beings. People like you and me. The ordinaires.

So it bothers me when people talk of a possible Web 3.0 as a way to get back to machine language. They talk of the semantic web.

Web 3.0 has to be even more about people than Web 2.0. That is a vision worth fighting for. The vision war has to be won. People matter.

Web 2.0 has been 2D, Web 3.0 has to be 3D. People are 3D. The rectangle on the screen is too confining. We ask for liberation.

What would Facebook be today without its 200 million people? Facebook is no spaceship to oggle at. People matter. We are the web.

Each human being is unique. That is a scientific truth. No two snowflakes are alike. The web is poorer for every human not yet online.

Web 3.0 is about getting more and more people online. 3.0 is about getting every human being online. 3.0 is about seeing the vital center.

Web 4.0, I don't know. I call it next generation software. I don't have the foggiest idea. Web 5.0, though, is face time. Circle complete.

All along, through 2.0 and beyond, what we were really trying to do is communicate, to reach out, to meet, to talk, to converse, to express.

We were trying to hear, to be heard, so we should really value it when we do meet. Web 5.0 is face time. Face time is godly.

In physics there is nothing faster than the speed of light. On the web there is nothing past Web 5.0, past face time. Semantic web is 2.1.

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