Friday, April 17, 2009

Visionary Entrepreneurs Will Recreate The World

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That Plateau Feeling

Unless the political leadership gets the fundamentals right, there is not too much room for the entrepreneurs to play. Warren Buffett has said he could not have done what he has done if he were not in America. The soccer field is necessary. The referees matter fundamentally. The paint buckets matter to the artist. But great soccer is played by great soccer players. I compare visionary entrepreneurs to great soccer players.

Visionary entrepreneurs will lead the green tech revolution. Visionary entrepreneurs will create the next generation financial institutions. Visionary entrepreneurs will make it possible for the world to pour a trillion dollars into microfinance. Visionary entrepreneurs will create the next generation jobs, companies and industries so that Brazil, Russia, India, China and others maturing economically is good not bad news for America.

Political leaders have to provide the soccer field. It is good to see them hard at work.

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