Friday, April 17, 2009

Blogging Several Times A Day

For the past few days I have been blogging several times a day.

Blogging Tips
A Blogger Is Also An Editor
Blog Daily
Where Have You Placed Your Ads?
Sites That Pay You To Blog

April 17
April 16
April 15
April 14
The idea is to spill your stream of consciousness thoughts, ideas, perspectives into that collective stream. Curiously that also jacks up your blog's status with the search engines. Yesterday I googled up "sites that pay you to blog" and my post on the topic showed up in the top 10 results.

Sites That Pay You To Blog

It is almost as if for the past few days I have been spending more time blogging than tweeting. But then I discovered something else. When you download about four blog posts in a row into your Twitter stream, suddenly you get 10 new followers on Twitter. That is not like Oprah getting 50,000 new followers before her first tweet, but it is something. Like they say, it adds up, and it is organic growth.

0 Tweets, 30,000 Followers: Could That Be Oprah?

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