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Friday, March 24, 2023

Andrej Karpathy

Software 2.0 Neural networks are not just another classifier, they represent the beginning of a fundamental shift in how we develop software. They are Software 2.0......... The “classical stack” of Software 1.0 is what we’re all familiar with — it is written in languages such as Python, C++, etc. It consists of explicit instructions to the computer written by a programmer. By writing each line of code, the programmer identifies a specific point in program space with some desirable behavior. .......... In contrast, Software 2.0 is written in much more abstract, human unfriendly language, such as the weights of a neural network. No human is involved in writing this code because there are a lot of weights (typical networks might have millions), and coding directly in weights is kind of hard (I tried). .........

Software (1.0) is eating the world, and now AI (Software 2.0) is eating software.


Neural Networks: Zero to Hero

Thursday, February 23, 2023

23: Tesla

Cutting Out Just a Muffin a Day Can Make You Age More Slowly, Study Finds cutting calories by 25 percent for two years slowed the pace of aging ...... cutting calories without sacrificing nutrients promotes healthy longevity. ....... the diet rewired multiple metabolic and immune responses to promote health. ........ We all know people who look and behave younger—or older—than their age. ...... peoples’ biological age is more predictive of their chances of getting age-related diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and dementia.

This Box Wing eVTOL Will Run on Hydrogen and Have a Range of 620 Miles
This 3D Printed Community Is Printing One House per Week for a Year

Friday, May 20, 2022

Tesla Justice

Friday, April 29, 2022

Elon Musk: Fragile White Male

Elon Musk is smart. Elon Musk is hardworking. Elon Musk is an iconic tech entrepreneur. But I don't think he is worth 300 billion dollars. The equity formula where a Satya Nadela takes a 200 billion dollar company from Steve Ballmer and turns it into a trillion dollar company, but Bill Gates gets to keep all the money is a sham.

I am for a wealth tax.

Elon Musk does not even own a house. He does not want to own a house. But let's be generous and give him a housing allowance of 10 million dollars. You can get a mansion for that kind of money in Texas. Texas is no Park Avenue. For food, and clothes, 10 and 10. Ticket to Mars, another 10. Miscellaneous, since my imagination fails me, 60, for a total of 100 million. And another 900 million so he may launch a foundation at some point.

Who needs more than a billion dollars to live on?

I understand you need voting rights. You don't want to end up in Jack Dorsey's position where Board members bully you around. But that is what forking is for. As soon as your net worth goes north of a billion, there is a hard fork. The stock splits into two. We The People get all the money, you keep all the voting power. That's what I am talking about.

I would like a better Twitter. Who doesn't? But I have this nagging feeling we could have taken clean drinking water to every human soul with a few billion donated to Charity: Water. Or a piece of legislation funded by the wealth tax. We could have ended homelessness for the full check. Too many veterans are homeless.

I can't believe Elon Musk spent 44 billion dollars just to be able to bring Donald Trump back on the platform. Where are your priorities, Elon?

If Elon Musk brings Donald Trump onto Twitter, Tesla shareholders should revolt!

That man Trump belongs in jail. Democracy gives you many rights, but it does not give you the right to engage in violent insurrection to bring down that very democracy. That is a no no. People go to war for liberty. Enforcing laws is a small thing to ask.

I think Elon Musk is very smart, very hardworking, very innovative, but also very white male. His being a white dude is not at all irrelevant to his success. I think that might be 90% of the mixture. He thinks it is more like 19%. That is why he spent about 19% of his big fortune to take over a platform to let the crazies out, to borrow a phrase from John McCain, the last of the Mohicans, or decent Republicans.

Monday, April 18, 2022

Elon Musk's Attempt To Take Over Twitter

It was only a few weeks ago when, at a public event, Jack Dorsey asked Elon Musk, "How would you fix Twitter?"

Ends up it was a few years ago. But I might have first seen that video only a few weeks ago. Time travels.

Little did Jack know. Elon has ideas.

I am neutral on the idea of who should own which company. Elon's bid is a drama that many are watching. So am I.

But I am on record stating at this very blog over 10 years ago that Twitter needs to live its potential. Just do a search on Twitter in the search box in the top right corner. Thank you, Google.

Elon wants to "unlock Twitter's potential." That idea I like. Elon wants to make it the free speech vehicle around the world. That idea I like even more. I guess Twitter is in the habit of taking down tweets to play nice with governments around the world. That is not nice. People should not use Twitter to commit crimes, like inciting violence. Trump getting booted out is not a violation of free speech.

Even if Elon manages to take Twitter private -- some people think he is not even trying to do that -- but if he manages, and liberates the platform, eventually Twitter does go public again.

A lot of people in the tech space are feeling very passionate about the move.

In Defense of Elon Musk's Managerial Excellence The Tesla CEO’s track record proves he’s a pre-eminent builder of businesses and maximizer of shareholder value. ....... the chief executive officer of the world's most valuable automaker has no equal. ...... Among the 10 largest publicly-traded companies, Musk’s Tesla Inc. is No. 1 in growth the past decade with revenue increasing more than 260-fold to $53.8 billion; No. 1 the past 12 months with sales surging 71%; No. 1 in share performance over five and 10 years with its stock appreciating 15- and 146-fold, respectively, to a recent $1,000; and No. 1 in employment by more than quintupling its workforce since 2016 ...... Among the six companies with at least a $1 trillion market capitalization, none achieved the milestone as quickly – and stayed there – as Tesla, which did it 11 years after its initial public offering. It took Apple Inc. 38 years, Microsoft Inc. 33 years, Google parent Alphabet Inc. 16 years, and Inc. 23 years. Facebook parent Meta Platforms Inc. reached $1 trillion nine years after its IPO but has since dropped back to $600 billion ...... Tesla almost four times as valuable as the second-largest automaker, Toyota Motor Corp., and worth about 57% of the 10 biggest combined. ......

Tesla accounts for 41% of the total value of the 184 publicly traded vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

....... Tesla, unlike its peers, persevered through the dislocations caused first by the pandemic and then war in Ukraine by spending years focused on shoring up its supply chain. That’s a big reason why Tesla was able to report record first-quarter deliveries earlier this month despite what it called “an exceptionally difficult” period ........ “Tesla's vertical integration strategy has been critical,” Cathie Wood, founder, CEO and chief investment officer of Ark Investment Management LLC, said in an interview earlier this month. Unlike its competitors, “Tesla is in control of its cars” and “can tweak and change” in contrast to rest of the auto industry whose “specs are put to bed, you know, three to four years or five years prior. And they're not going to change.” ......... the company’s battery technology “is about three years ahead of any other auto manufacturer.” ........ Wood raised her target for Tesla last week to $4,600 a share in 2026. ...... Tesla's “more than a million and a half cars on the road are effectively data collectors for Elon Musk,” she said. “No other auto manufacturer has cars equipped to send back this real-world driving data. In order to compete with Tesla, at let's say a like-for-like price, they'll either have to skimp on range or performance and rely on their brand, otherwise they'll just lose money if they want to keep up with Tesla at the same price.” ........ Tesla's 2021 revenue of $53.8 billion accounts for 20% of the entire EV market and 80% of the world's six EV-only automakers ...... In addition to its incomparable real-world driving data and battery technology, Tesla has an artificial intelligence chip “that no one else has” ........ “Elon describes Tesla as a manufacturer of factories,” with plants in Freemont, California, Austin, Shanghai and Berlin. “With each factory, Tesla becomes more efficient and more productive” ....... “It is from the bottom up, constructing these highly automated factories, more automated than anyone else's in the world.”

The Future Of Work

The Masses, Not Mars
The Masses, Not Mars?
Go Putin Go

This is what I would like to suggest as a roadmap, should the takeover happen, and Twitter becomes Boring.

  • Buy a browser. Something next generation. Build or outsource the Pi tablet/laptop.
  • Allow Google to index the entire Twitter. Make them pay for it. Let them be the default search engine on the browser. Make them pay.
  • Let Twitter be the landing page in the browser.
  • Marry Starlink to the whole idea. People get internet access for free on this device. The browser has a paybar, or a pay corner where ads are served. That pays for it all. Location and browsing history determine what ads get served.
  • Redo Twitter. 99% just want to consume. They don't even want to open an account. Let them consume.
  • Of the 1% who bother to sign up, most content is created by the 1% of that 1%.
  • So Twitter should have three modes. (1) Browsing mode. No sign up necessary. You don't see any symbols. Just natural language. (2) Sign up mode. (3) Content creation mode.
  • I am for free speech. No tolerating any curbs anywhere.
  • I am curious about open sourcing the algorithms. Perhaps the Open API madness can make a comeback.
Go Putin Go

With Elon, Twitter might be in good hands.

This Is Not the Year of the Optimist The news has been so depressing lately. A crazy guy opens fire in a subway in Brooklyn. The Russians are committing atrocities in Ukraine and are about to start a major offensive in the east. And my tuna melt on rye costs $21 at a not-much-to-look-at New York City diner, not including the tip. ...... The Mets are off to a strong start but give them a few months and they’ll be depressing you as well. ...... winter’s over, job openings are way up in the past year, and the subway shooting was miraculously — miraculously! — without fatalities. ....... “Crazy Guy Aims, Shoots, Misses” could also be a contender for the next Russian national anthem. ........ Elon Musk’s offer to buy Twitter at $54.20 a share........ Half the punditocracy seems to think this would be great; the other half thinks it’s the apocalypse....... the 4.20 in $54.20 is an inside joke about getting high. ....... Even if Twitter tanked, wouldn’t there be some new post-Twitter communications system coming around the bend soon? ........ the idea that Twitter is a good forum for speech is silly. Trying to communicate a thought in 240 characters isn’t speaking. It’s blurting. You don’t use Twitter for persuasion. You use it for insults and virtue signaling. A healthy free-speech environment depends on people talking with each other. Twitter is a medium for people to talk at others. The best thing that could happen to Twitter isn’t an acquisition, by Musk or anyone else. It’s bankruptcy. ....... And what’s the chance the Republican Party is going to become the Home for Unwillingly Retired Entertainers? ....... It’s ironic that the Democrats’ huge flaw is an inability to get anything serious passed in Congress — because of the, um, lack of Democrats in the Senate. Which will probably cost them several more Senate seats.

Elon Musk has built a track record over the past 20 years that is outstanding. He is the "king of kings" among tech entrepreneurs. And he is not that old. He could still run hard for 20 years if he chooses to, before he transports himself to Mars. (Some people think that is where he came from in the first place! When he first landed, his name was Elon Mars.) Twitter would be in good hands. I think Elon Musk could turn Twitter into a trillion-dollar company in less than 10 years.

(A cotton candy for everyone who figures out this whole blog post is just an ad for Go Putin Go.)

Monday, November 25, 2019

Tesla Cybertruck Unveil

Why is it called a cybertruck? Why not simply a truck? Is it because it is a lot of software with a little bit of metal and glass thrown in?

Meet the Cybertruck, Tesla's Ford-Fighting Pickup Elon Musk has revealed the latest Tesla model, promising hundreds of miles of range for about $40,000. ....... the top-of-the-line variant, starting at $69,900, will go more than 500 miles between charges, hit 60 mph in under 3 seconds, tow up to 14,000 pounds, and start production in late 2022. ..... Musk spoke to the importance of entering the pickup segment, one of the most popular in the US....... for unclear reasons, it’s bulletproof, at least to a 9-millimeter handgun...... Pickup trucks make up roughly 15 percent of US vehicle sales, a share that has steadily grown since 2009 .......

The Ford F-150 has been the top-selling passenger vehicle in the US for 36 years straight; Americans buy nearly a million every year.

... General Motors nets, on average, $17,000 per pickup. ...... On high-end models with the sorts of options that push sale prices above $100,000, that margin can reach $50,000. ...... The large, expensive vehicles accommodate large, expensive batteries better than a compact sedan does....... Pickup customers are less likely to live in an apartment building than a single-family house where they can install a home charger. On the other hand, public charging infrastructure is hardly developed in the middle of the country where pickups are especially popular. ........ Pickup buyers.. hardly consider fuel economy when shopping. They care about capability and reliability. Plus, compared with other drivers, they’re particularly loyal to their brands of choice.......... For the Cybertruck to succeed the way the Model 3 has, Tesla must steal the customers Ford, GM, Chrysler, and other automakers most value. ....... The Roadster, Model S, Model X, and Model 3 also hit the market well after Musk’s targets. Once they did, they came off the line slowly and with problems.

Tesla Cybertruck: Impressive Specs, Killer Price, Polarizing Looks What was revealed has some damned impressive claimed specs — pretty close to Musk’s boasts that it needs to be better than a Ford F-150 and a Porsche 911 — and a price that made the audience gasp. What was revealed also looks like a 32-bit rendering of that truck you tried to doodle in class before you remembered that you’re bad at drawing. It’s a very interesting mixed bag....... The internet is already full of memes based on the looks of the Cybertruck, because the internet remains undefeated. Musk’s “armored personnel carrier from the future” looks like what the Ghost of Video Games Past drives........ the Cybertruck is bulletproof. Tesla claims the 30-times cold-rolled steel body can withstand a 9 mm bullet fired from 10 meters away........ After dropping metal balls from varying heights on sample pieces of traditional car glass (shattered right away) and the Cybertruck’s “armor glass” (never broke), Musk had Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen throw one of the metal balls at the windows of the Cybertruck on stage. Twice. And each time, the window cracked significantly. Musk was quick to point out that nothing broke into the cabin, and joked about fixing it “in post,” but it was an extremely awkward and deeply funny moment that is going to be replayed on TV and online again and again........ we’re still waiting for the new Roadster two years after its reveal

Friday, November 08, 2019

Bill Gates, Elizabeth Warren, And Andrew Yang

Bill Gates is in news saying something like, I have already paid $10 billion in taxes, "more than anyone else," and you can have 10 billion more if you want, but if you want all of the 100 billion, I got a problem with that.

Now the media being what it is (they want a fight!) all sorts of brand name media outlets (this is not yellow, tabloid journalism, this is mainstream media, the kind that informs heads of state early in the morning) are saying Bill Gates prefers Donald Trump over Elizabeth Warren. After all, he is just another rich guy.

First off, Warren has never proposed taking all of Bill Gates' money. Her 2% wealth tax means Bill Gates would pay two billion, which is less than the 10 billion he has already offered to pay.

Second, someone who might be super smart in one niche might or might not be equally informed in another niche, or in the same niche in another era. We think Tesla was so smart, Elon Musk has named his most famous company after him, and Musk is today, and Tesla was indeed smart. But Tesla never bought into whatever Einstein was proposing. Tesla was a pre-relativity kind of guy.

Bill Gates is a PC-era guy. No tech entrepreneur who starts in 2020 can not buy into the idea of a Universal Basic Income (which I have never defined as American Basic Income). UBI is to the fourth industrial revolution what electricity was to the second and what the internet has been to the third. It is basic. It is infrastructure.

In all fairness, I did not hear Bill Gates say anything about UBI. I'd be very surprised if he was opposed to it. But if he is saying, you have already taken 10 billion from me, take 10 billion more, but don't take away the entire 100 billion, because I have a foundation to run.

Only the mainstream media can interpret that as an attack on Elizabeth Warren, or the idea of UBI. I can't.

I actually subscribe to Bill Gates' newsletter. So he has a tendency to show up in my inbox. He is a smart interesting guy doing good work, although it is my firm conviction 100 Gates Foundations will not be able to solve the problems of the world, what we need is a world government.

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Elon Musk's Giant Blind Spot: Human Beings

There is this no small detail called gravity. It is big, it is fat.

And gravity is physics. And Elon Musk has a degree in physics from U Penn. He must know his physics because he seems to send rockets out into space at will.

But Elon was no biology major, looks like.

There is this funny thing called gravity. The human body needs the earth's gravity. That is why long term human habitation on the moon is a bad idea. Robots? Yes. Human beings? No, no.

In absence of gravity, your eyes might bulge out. Your joints might start getting, well, disjointed. Your bones need gravity to stay bones.

But Elon stays oblivious to the fact. He says everyone who signs up for Mars will get 10 cubic meters of space inside his spaceship, "which is a lot."

And that's just gravity. Radiation will have to be another blog post. Radiation might make those ten cubic meters a microwave experience, which is a lot. Like, too much.

It is not like Elon does not have enough on his plate. There are trillions to be made through robotic asteroid mining. Spices used to be like gold. Gold can become like spices. I want his 10,000 satellites to provide gigabit broadband every point on earth. I like the idea of any point on earth to any other point on earth in 30 minutes. You escape zero gravity before the bones figure it out. Hyperloop is massive. I have an entire real estate tech startup around the Hyperloop concept. Tesla? I want one. Solar tiles on the roof? I want. Super cheap, super boring tunnels? I want them. Although it could get literally boring down there unless the walls of those underground vehicles come alive and are entertainment.

Save earth like this is the only planet we got. There is no other. Plant a trillion trees. Elon should design some drones that will plant those trillion trees. And his satellites should map out the earth to find out every patch of land where trees can be planted. And let's get it done and over with already.

Somebody drop an apple on Elon's head.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Africa Is Mars

Mars is undoable. Mars is undesirable. There is this funny thing called gravity. The human body does not do well in the absence of gravity. Send robots. They are gravity neutral. But people? Africa is plenty undiscovered. Plant a trillion trees instead. Save this very planet instead.

When you plant the Australian eucalyptus in a new climate, there is havoc. Imagine a microbe from Mars coming over to earth. What could happen?

The best point for rockets are one step further and one step closer. I am all for robotic mining of the asteroid belt. Countries used to go to war over spices. Gold is the new spice. I am all for internet access on every point on earth through 10,000 or more satellites.

But I am all about Africa, not Mars. Ray Youssef has an edge over Elon Musk in that regard. Mars might be Elon Musk's masterstroke in marketing, not an actual place he wants to go to. Look, Mars! He says. And then builds boring tunnels and exciting cars.

Both Ray and Elon are immigration success stories. Both are out of Africa. Elon might look like he has white skin, but you just have to read his life story to realize the sickness that was apartheid also brutalized him. Elon grew up in South Africa. Ray's parents came from Africa. Ray is a New Yorker. And now Ray is America's gift to Africa. These two inspiring entrepreneurs are in stark contrast to the stupidity emanating out of Washington. So much garbage is being talked about immigration. To Ray I might say, go back to Africa. But looks like he is already there.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Is Elon Musk Just Getting Started?

When Elon Musk open-sourced the hardware specifications for the Tesla a few years ago, people were like, what a nice guy, out to save the planet! I don't doubt he is a nice guy. This is a guy who suffered in South Africa, in an apartheid era where white was brutal over black, braun was brutal over brain, Elon was brain. I don't doubt his passion to combat climate change.

But it also was a good business move. Great, actually. He wants to do what Microsoft did. He wants to do the work on the hardware, but scaling hardware is not fast enough. He wants everyone to build the hardware part. He just wants Tesla to be a software company. And he wants Tesla software running all or most electric cars. He wants to do Windows, he wants the Dells of the world to make the cars. 

It would be hard, if not hard then definitely slow, for Tesla to manufacture a billion cars. That part is best outsourced. Completely outsourced. But putting software into those cars and regularly updating the software; now that's scaling. Also, the supercharger stations network. 

The numbers are mind-boggling. You buy a Tesla, and then there is no oil change. You don't have to buy gas. The charging is free on the network. Just the money you save on gas will pay for the car in a few years. But wait, you can buy your car and for the 23 hours that you don't need it, you can let it join a Uber type network. So you actually make money. 

Dirty cars could disappear so so fast. A pure software play powering a few billion cars manufactured by others makes Tesla a trillion dollar company, the fastest company to hit that mark in world history. 

Detroit could make a comeback just making cars whose design Elon Musk has open-sourced. You are good at hardware, keep doing hardware. Let Elon worry about software. Let a thousand flowers bloom. Let cars be manufactured locally on every continent. 


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