Tuesday, July 25, 2023


Elon Musk's X experiment What's next for Twitter, or rather for X? Elon Musk has said it will be "the everything app": Twitter, YouTube, PayPal, TikTok and Amazon all rolled into one.......... Musk believes X can "easily" be a $1 trillion company, according to Isaacson — and he's been mulling some form of the idea for close to 25 years. ......... "Elon Musk has essentially wiped out 15 years of brand value from Twitter and is now essentially starting from scratch."

From Twitter to X: Elon Musk Begins Erasing an Iconic Internet Brand The tech billionaire started removing the bird logo that has been part of Twitter’s identity since 2006....... He has said he hopes to turn Twitter into an “everything app” called X, which would encompass not only social networking but also banking and shopping. .......... When brands become verbs, it’s the “holy grail,” said Mike Proulx, a vice president and research director at Forrester, because it means they have become part of popular culture. ............ Unlike the blue bird, which he described as warm and cuddly but perhaps a bit dated and weighed down by bad press, the new logo is “very harsh” ........... Mr. Musk has long been interested in the X name. In 1999, he helped found X.com, an online bank. The company changed its name after it merged with another start-up to form what would become PayPal. ........... In 2017, Mr. Musk said he had repurchased the X.com domain from PayPal. “No plans right now, but it has great sentimental value to me,” he tweeted at the time. ........ Tesla, Mr. Musk’s electric automaker, also has a sport utility vehicle called the Model X. One of Mr. Musk’s sons, X Æ A-12 Musk, is often called X for short. The holding companies created to close the acquisition of Twitter were named X Holdings. Mr. Musk also leads an artificial intelligence company called xAI.......... At one point, he changed the name of a crowdsourced fact-checking feature to “Community Notes” from “Birdwatch.” He recently also had someone cover the w in Twitter’s name at its San Francisco headquarters. .

ChatGPT Is Replacing Humans in Studies on Human Behavior—and It Works Surprisingly Well

The Digital Future May Rely on Optical Switches a Million Times Faster Than Today’s Transistors

Warming Could Push the Atlantic Past a ‘Tipping Point’ This Century The system of ocean currents that regulates the climate for a swath of the planet could collapse sooner than expected, a new analysis found.

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