Thursday, July 13, 2023

Elon Musk Followed You

Goodbye Mirrors: This Telescope Could Collect 100x More Light Than the James Webb . Our proposed telescope, the Nautilus Space Observatory, would replace large, heavy mirrors with a novel, thin lens that is much lighter, cheaper, and easier to produce than mirrored telescopes. Because of these differences, it would be possible to launch many individual units into orbit and create a powerful network of telescopes............ Webb cost more than $8 billion and took over 20 years to build. The next flagship telescope is not expected to fly before 2045 and is estimated to cost $11 billion. These ambitious telescope projects are always expensive, laborious, and produce a single powerful—but very specialized—observatory. .......... a few of us came up with the idea of revisiting an old technology called diffractive lenses. ....... Our current design is in fact not a single telescope, but a constellation of 35 individual telescope units. ......... By combining data from all the units, Nautilus’ light-collecting power would equal a telescope nearly 10 times larger than Webb. With this powerful telescope, astronomers could search hundreds of exoplanets for atmospheric gases that may indicate extraterrestrial life. .........

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