Wednesday, July 19, 2023

19: AI

Material Security’s Path to Product-Market Fit — Find Your Winning Idea by Selling Products That Don’t Exist Yet

Embracing the Winds of Change: How Generative AI Reflects the Michael Jordan Moment in Business Michael Jordan's extraordinary journey that began with his selection by the Chicago Bulls in the 1984 NBA Draft ........ Just as Sonny could see that Jordan would revolutionize basketball, visionary organizations are looking at Generative AI with a similar sense of anticipation. ........ Generative AI promises to redefine industries and create unparalleled value. ........ In the history of computational models, we have never seen such rapid progress. These models can handle huge amounts of data, getting better with each step, and improving and boosting their performance at an unrivaled pace. ........ This technology has the potential to transform everyone into a creator. Visual artists, novelists, and musicians have already started to use generative AI to craft riveting stories, compose symphonies, and more. Picture a future where in a few years, some of us may be generating blockbuster movies using generative AI. This possibility is closer than you think. ...........

the deployment of Generative AI could potentially skyrocket the global GDP by a staggering $ 7 Trillion on an annual basis.

......... Imagine your email system thoughtfully drafting the initial version of your messages or your financial software generating a clear description of significant features in a financial report. It's like having a considerate digital assistant at your disposal, subtly enhancing efficiency and accuracy. ......... From writing customized product descriptions to drafting personalized emails, it enables a level of customer engagement that truly resonates. ....... By swiftly scanning documents and providing synthesized responses to queries, GenAI can accelerate the analysis process and possibly capture insights that might have been missed. ........... In the field of software engineering, AI-powered code-completion tools could revolutionize how developers work. Developers could write code descriptions in natural language, while the AI suggests code blocks that fulfill the description. Such tools can speed up code generation by as much as 50 percent while also assisting in debugging, thereby enhancing the overall quality of the developed product. .......... No longer is it viewed as an attribute predominantly linked to humans; we're now recognizing intelligence as a universal property. ........... it's seen as an inherent trait that can be leveraged to catalyze unprecedented levels of creativity and progress............ how we, as organizations and individuals, will tap into its vast capabilities to construct a society that is more efficient, creative, and inclusive.

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