Friday, May 05, 2023

5: ChatGPT

Grow: How academic Rob Henderson spun a side hustle into a primary income by sharing his ideas Substack is a primary source of income and a testing ground for ideas and his forthcoming book .......... writing from his distinctive point of view, communicating authentically, and sticking to a disciplined writing schedule developed a paying subscriber base in the thousands. .......... Substack started out as a side hustle when I was in grad school, but it has become one of my primary sources of income. ........ The ideological rigidity of media and higher education has inevitably motivated smart and talented people to pursue novel experiments in the world of ideas......... we have seen prominent academics launch their own Substacks ....... Once a week, I’ll post a roundup of links and interesting findings. I also take detailed notes on lectures and information-dense podcasts, which I share with paid subscribers. .......... Total subscribers: 32,850 ...... Paid subscribers: 1,516 ....... At that point, I had 85,000 Twitter followers ........... I’d gotten some attention for coining the phrase “luxury beliefs”—ideas and opinions that confer status on the upper class while often inflicting costs on the lower classes. ........... the key to growth has been communicating authentically and sticking to a disciplined writing schedule .......... I plan to write a “luxury beliefs” book at some point and have considered serializing chapters on my Substack. Paid subscribers will get a sneak peek at my current forthcoming book, which is due to be published in February 2024. ......... I haven’t had any wild moments of insane growth. By sticking to a schedule and communicating honestly, I’ve built a devoted readership. Some tips: First, keep a consistent writing and production schedule so your readers know when to expect new content. I’ve published something every Sunday since January 2020. The only way to keep up a steady flow of output is to write about topics you actually care about. Second, understand that growth generally tends to be slow at first, so don’t get discouraged. A year after launching my original newsletter before Substack, I had 7,000 subscribers. A year later, I had 14,000. A year after that, I had 28,000. .

It is starting to get strange. Let's talk about ChatGPT with Code Interpreter & Microsoft Copilot ............ .

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