Tuesday, May 16, 2023

16: Sam Altman

The C.E.O. of OpenAI Heads to Congress to Discuss Rules for A.I. Sam Altman, who leads ChatGPT’s parent company, is expected to call for some regulation of artificial intelligence as Washington weighs its next steps. ........ ChatGPT, his company’s most notable product, has captured the public’s imagination like no tech product has in years, inspiring hopes and fears about its transformative powers. ....... “The current worries that I have are that there are going to be disinformation problems or economic shocks, or something else at a level far beyond anything we’re prepared for.” He’s expected to say in his testimony that “the regulation of A.I. is essential.” ......... Mr. Armstrong, who with the venture capitalist Blake Byers founded NewLimit in 2021 with $100 million of their own money, is the latest tech mogul to be fascinated by longevity. Peter Thiel, OpenAI’s Sam Altman and Oracle’s Larry Ellison are among those who have poured millions into companies researching it. .

OpenAI chief set to call for greater regulation of artificial intelligence Sam Altman, co-founder of start-up behind ChatGPT, to make first appearance before Congress on Tuesday ...... Altman, whose company created AI chatbot ChatGPT, will say that “the regulation of AI is essential” as he testifies for the first time before Congress on Tuesday. ........ According to prepared remarks released before the hearing, Altman will tell the Senate judiciary subcommittee on privacy, technology and the law that he is “eager to help policymakers as they determine how to facilitate regulation that balances incentivising safety while ensuring that people are able to access the technology’s benefits”. ........ Altman’s testimony will recommend that AI companies adhere to an “appropriate set of safety requirements, including internal and external testing prior to release” and licensing or registration conditions for AI models........ safety requirements which “AI companies must meet [should] have a governance regime flexible enough to adapt to new technological developments”....... Earlier this month, AI pioneer Geoffrey Hinton quit Google after a decade at the tech giant in order to speak freely about the risks of the technology, which he warned would amplify societal divides and could be used by bad actors. ....... “Artificial intelligence will be transformative in ways we can’t even imagine, with implications for Americans’ elections, jobs, and security” ......... “Artificial intelligence urgently needs rules and safeguards to address its immense promise and pitfalls” .......... “This hearing begins our subcommittee’s work in overseeing and illuminating AI’s advanced algorithms and powerful technology . . . as we explore sensible standards and principles to help us navigate this uncharted territory,” .

AI pioneer Geoffrey Hinton warns about growing risks as he quits Google

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