Sunday, October 07, 2012

Steve Jobs Revisited

Anyone trying to be or, worse, claiming to be the next Steve Jobs is not the next Steve Jobs. You have to be you. Those trying to be the next Jobs, for one, lack originality. You have to be original to be great.

Why We’ll Never Stop Talking About Steve Jobs
one of those rarefied individuals who had not only a vision but the will and force of personality to execute it through America’s greatest cultural triumph: the public corporation....... Steve Jobs didn’t simply shake up industries; he fundamentally traumatized them ...... There’s not an important mainstream technology product or service out there right now that isn’t a result of or response to Steve Jobs. It’s not so much that we want to keep talking about him; it’s that there’s no avoiding it.
But Steve Jobs was no Thomas Edison. Let's have some perspective here. He was an amazing tech CEO, but he was no Edison.
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