Sunday, October 28, 2012

Google Now

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Google is never far behind.

Google's Answer to Siri Thinks Ahead
Google has ambitions to go well beyond what Siri has shown so far. ..... Google Now doesn't have a pretend personality like Apple's sassy assistant, instead just appearing as a familiar search box. But just like Siri, it can take voice commands ..... combines the constant stream of data a smartphone collects on its owner with clues about the person's life that Google can sift from Web searches and e-mails to guess what he or she would ask it for next. ..... Virtual index cards appear offering information it thinks you need to know at a particular time. ..... the intimacy of people's relationships with their smartphones makes Android one of the best places to take that to an extreme—by pulling together everything Google knows about the world, and you. ...... it uses every system that Google has built in the last 10 years. It touches almost every back-end system at Google .... increase in a person's tranquility ..... having the search engine come to you, rather than vice versa, can be uncanny. Thanks to Google Now, as I stroll around San Francisco, live bus times are offered to me whenever I pull my phone from my pocket at a bus stop ..... Google Now will show the status of a flight if an airline confirmation e-mail in my inbox shows I'll be taking it or if I did a Google Web search for a flight number from my work computer—providing I've logged into my Google account. ..... estimates of emotional state can be useful
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