Saturday, October 27, 2012


Dramatic changes in weather - like the impending Frankenstorm - is there for all to see. Climate change is real, people. I am in the school of all of the above. Let's do many things to combat climate change.

This can't be the only way, but it can be one of many ways.

Geoengineering Could Be Essential to Reducing the Risk of Climate Change
Geoengineering—using technology to purposefully change the climate—is the only option for reducing the risk of climate change from greenhouse-gas emissions in the next few decades .... effective methods of geoengineering are so cheap and easy that just about any country could do it .... it is already too late to avoid climate changes by reducing carbon emissions alone .... “If you want to, say, really stop the loss of Arctic sea ice or stop heat-stress crop losses over the next few decades, geoengineering is pretty much the only thing you can do” ..... shade the earth by injecting sulfate particles into the upper atmosphere ..... Though some critics have worried that geoengineering would alter monsoon patterns that are key to agriculture in India, Keith says moderate geoengineering could actually boost crop productivity there by 20 percent, in part by reducing temperatures. ..... would cost about a billion dollars a year and require about 100 aircraft. That’s cheap enough for most countries to pull off on their own. ..... He would introduce small clouds of sulfate and water vapor into the stratosphere using balloons ..... Even if geoengineering is employed, reducing emissions will still be important. Sulfate injection does nothing to address the ocean acidification associated with increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. And if emissions continue to grow, ever-increasing amounts of sulfate will be needed.

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