Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Amazon, Walmart And Same Day Delivery

Amazon was going to go offline, or Walmart was going to go online, or both. The relationship between Walmart and computers is nothing new. That corporation early was one of the heaviest users of computers in its operations. I am talking 1970s.

Walmart Begins Testing Same-Day Delivery In Select Markets
Northern Virginia (outside D.C.), Philadelphia, Minneapolis, and San Jose/San Francisco. .... toys, electronics, sporting goods and other gifts .... a $10 fee for an unlimited number of items, with no minimum purchase required, and is working with UPS to deliver the orders ..... it’s not the entire Walmart online catalog that’s becoming available. The eligible items will be priced the same as those in the local stores. ..... Customers can place orders up until noon in their timezone, and then choose a 4-hour windows to take delivery that same day (i.e., 4-8 pm, 5-9 pm, 6-10 pm). For returns, customers can choose to take the item back to the store, refuse delivery, or schedule the courier to retrieve the time. .... the retail giant leveraging its local stores, not distribution centers ..... customers .. said that electronics, toys, video games, movies, music, books and groceries would be those items that they wanted to order in this way the most.
Same Day Delivery is a big deal. That will allow Walmart to reach the New York City market, for example. It has stores in New Jersey that are not allowed in the city by law. But there is no stopping delivery vans.

This experiment does not feel IT intensive enough. Or UPS might not be in the picture. More or all stores would be involved. Warehouses would be involved.

$10 is not a bad price. Consider that your hourly wage for making the trip to Walmart.
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