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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Social Media: Real Impact

McKinsey Says Social Media Could Add $1.3 Trillion to the Economy
things like improved communication and collaboration from social media in four major business sectors could add $900 billion to $1.3 trillion in value to the economy..... The value is mostly through added productivity. Improved consumer focus as well as better-functioning teams are two other benefits. .... by 2018 the United States could face a shortfall of 1.5 million data analysts and managers able to cope with the flood of data in their businesses. ..... Social technologies like wikis, broadly accessible instant messaging, content searches and user forums, McKinsey says, are particularly effective among so-called interactions workers..... The main challenges are organizational and personal, as managers have to develop nonhierarchical cultures, where data and knowledge are exposed and shared, not hoarded.
A perfect market is where there is a perfect flow of information, correct? It can be argued there was not a smart market before social media. Consumers were not allowed to talk. And now that there is that enhanced communication where everyone but everyone can talk, the market is performing better.

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Friday, April 06, 2012

Video Like Photos Are, Text Used To Be

We have seen an entire generation of photo based tech startups. Facebook might be the biggest among them, Instagram reigns in the mobile domain. Pinterest might be the newest entrant.

Before that things were more text based. Yahoo chat room were text based, and a lot of social activity happened there. AOL's instant messenger was also text based.

I think we are about to see a new generation of companies for whom video will be the starting point. This is primarily a function of larger bandwidths available in the mainstream, but it is more than that.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Social, Gaming, Email

Nielsen Wire: What Americans Do Online: Social Media And Games Dominate Activity Americans spend nearly a quarter of their time online on social networking sites and blogs, up from 15.8 percent just a year ago (43 percent increase) ... Americans spend a third their online time (36 percent) communicating and networking across social networks, blogs, personal email and instant messaging. ..... “Despite the almost unlimited nature of what you can do on the web, 40 percent of U.S. online time is spent on just three activities – social networking, playing games and emailing .... Online games overtook personal email to become the second most heavily used activity behind social networks
I like how blogs have been included in the top category of social. I am not surprised. That speaks to my experience. I have said time and again at this blog that Blogger continues to be my social media platform of choice.

The big news is search is no longer king. That begs the question, will social as we know it still be king in 2015? I doubt that. These titles are not known to last. There is always another hit movie. Social will stay big, but at some point it is going to recede into the background like search. Search used to be king. Who is the next king? You have to ask. (This Is Not Happening: King Dennis)

Or maybe search was never king, it was email. Email is social. If the next king will also be in the social space, that has to confirm our suspicions that the internet is primarily a communication tool. The internet is one big telephone. The internet is one big telephone more than one big library. But the trick is to be able to blur that line and claim it is one big telephone.

November 2005: Email, Search, News

Google keeps trying and keeps failing at social. Social is not in Google's DNA. But info is. Where Google could really shine is at social search. Give me a ridiculously good blog search engine. Give me ridiculously good Twitter search results. Google could do well in social, if it brought search to the table. Google's challenge is to blur the line between the telephone and the library and make claim the internet is one big library. That is tough to do.

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Friday, June 05, 2009

Possible Google Wave Applications And Innovations

If Google just delivered in a few months that it promised in this video, I would be happy enough. For one, this application will take blogging to a whole new level. And I have been excited enough about Zemanta and Disqus.

But you also wonder, where could this all lead to? What new applications, gadgets, innovations might we see? I have a feeling it will be like Gmail and Gmail Labs. They keep coming up with new, nifty features that you choose to add on.

People will be creating and consuming waves in quantity. New wave forms will become possible.

Google Wave will not be launched for a few more months. I think that might be enough time to get some developers to surprise us in major ways. I can't wait to see.

The mark of a successful web service or app is that (1) it creates buzz, and (2) developers start developing around it. Think of all the Facebook, Twitter, and iPhone applications. Wave will beat them all, I think.

The Wave is the web getting reinvented.

Google Wave Architecture: Designed For Mass, Massive, Global Innovation
The Google Wave Architecture
17 Suggestions To Blogger
Square Search
Google Wave Ripples
Is Google Wave Social Enough To Challenge Facebook, Twitter?
Blogger Search Gadget: What Took You So Long?
Of Waves And Tsunamis
Google Wave: Wave Of The Future?
Google Wave: If Email Were Invented Today

On The Web

Google Wave Federation Architecture ‎(Google Wave Federation ... the Google Wave Federation Protocol for federating waves between wave providers on the Internet. ........ various elements of Google Wave technology - data model, operational transformation, and client-server protocol ...... The wave federation protocol enables everyone to become a wave provider and share waves with others. ....... A robot is an automated participant on a wave (see the robots API). Examples are translation robots and chess game robots. ........ A gateway translates between waves and other communication and sharing protocols such as email and IM. ....... Different wavelets of a wave can have different lists of participants. ......... there is a designated wave provider that has the definitive copy of that wavelet. We say that this particular provider is hosting that wavelet. ......... different users have different wave views for a given wave. ...... the user's read/unread state for the wave, is stored in a user-data wavelet ....... A wave is identified by a globally unique wave id, which is a pair of a domain name and an id string. ......... Like a wave id, a wavelet id is a pair of a domain name and an id string. ......... Wavelets in the same wave can be hosted by different wave providers. ........ a federation gateway and a federation proxy. ........... "local wavelet" and "remote wavelet"
Salesforce rides on Google wave : News : Software - ZDNet Asia
Google Wave Architecture
Google's move to introduce a Wave of synchronicity | Web Apps News ... Wave is an architecture, and not really a very new one. It's an old solution to a very old problem: that of synchronicity in distributed applications. ........ the speed and connectivity have not yet existed to deploy a transformational database matrix on a massive scale. But "Google" has come to mean massive scale, and now it's giving the concept a try. ........ One way that it works is by upsetting the typical hierarchy of database architecture ....... Whereas typically you might think of a database as a thing in the core to which changes happen, OT reverses the concept by generating a kind of change model that bears a striking resemblance to a Feynman state-change diagram in quantum physics. Here, the database or "document" that ends up being the beneficiary of change, is used to represent the change itself, or what the architecture calls a wavelet. ........ a better Google Chat than Google Chat .... The architecture itself is the major undertaking here. .... Wave isn't really an app yet, and isn't a fully-fleshed out architecture yet, and doesn't have a complete platform yet
Google Wave - a developer's eye view In the 80s, we called it Lotus Notes. As of recent, we called it Microsoft Sharepoint. Today, I guess, it's Google Wave. ....... Google shoving its fist into the gooey, caramel-center of the enterprise collaboration market is a good thing, because when it comes to APIs, Google sells to the developer, not the managers. ........ think of a "wave" as a collaboratively edited document. ....... you don't have to be running a particular program or be on a particular website to interface with these documents. ........ Embedding a wave into a web page is as easy as a couple of lines of Javascript code and then any stylizing CSS you want to do around it. ...... "Federation....that was hard." ..... Wave servers talk to each other using an extension to XMPP, which is the same protocol that powers Jabber and Google Talk.
Google Wave And Teaching And Learning Where email is all about stored messages, and the web about linked resources, Wave is about collaborative events. ........ like email and the web, and unlike most social network tools - anyone can play ......... A lot of educational technology centres around activity and resource management. ......... the activity type that’s most interesting is likely to be group collaboration, and the most interesting resources are those that can be constructed, annotated or modified collaboratively. ........ the idea of real time document collaboration as the fundamental organising concept ....... Google is treating this as a rising platform/wave that will float all boats. Much as they do with the general web. ....... Wave developer API guide. This is easily the clearest introduction to Wave’s concepts- short and not especially technical

Google Australia Blog

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Went Walkabout. Brought back Google Wave.
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Other Google Blogs

Tip: Slice and dice your mail with search operators
New in Labs: Gmail search made easier (and lazier) finding the right email among thousands of messages can be as important as finding the right web page across the billions of web pages out there
The Fast and The Full-Screen
Picasa Web Albums stays big, gets faster we had a choice to make: either use smaller images, make the Internet faster, or make our code smarter. ..... we went deep into the code and gave it a thorough tune-up.
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From The Google Blogs

Google Wave team heads to Google Developer Days in Asia
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Went Walkabout. Brought back Google Wave.

From The Netizen BlogRoll

Looking Forward to the Vacation
Entrepreneurship in India
Elections 2009: What Next for the BJP
An Entrepreneur's Early Days There is a wafer-thin margin which separates the two worlds .... one with its clear, laid-out path up the corporate ladder, and another with its glorious uncertainties. ........ After two years of working, I finally called it quits and embarked on life as an entrepreneur. ....... It was a dream that would have to wait a decade before I got an opportunity to try to make it happen. ....... I am now in my third innings as an entrepreneur. The first lasted two-and-a-half years and ended in failure. The second lasted five years and ended in my business being sold. The third began two years ago. How it will end I do not know. ....... Financial gain should not be a driving factor or even a consideration in becoming an entrepreneur. ....... All other doors need to be closed, so one cannot run away mid-way ........ Entrepreneurship is not about parallel processing activities, it is about bringing complete focus to something the entrepreneur deeply believes in, even though as time goes on, these beliefs may be altered. ..... fewer than one in thousand find financial success. ...... However good the entrepreneur is in his field, in the area of running his own business, he is a baby. ...... the self-doubt and loneliness of the early days ........ Being a baby, I did a lot of things wrong. There was a lot of stumbling and falling. At that time, it was hard to see what was the good that would come out of all this. But, that is how we learn. The second stint at being an entrepreneur was where all this learning came in useful. ...... a world in which the entrepreneur now seeks to make connections, reach out and touch others. Everything around may be the same, but yet things look and feel quite different. ....... The entrepreneur now needs to start putting a team together, along with raising capital (either from family and friends, or from angels and venture capitalists). Each day is now full of life. ........ The new business has to be built day by day, customer by customer, rupee by rupee. ........ I still remember the day we launched IndiaWorld, the first two customers we got for our home pages, and the first large order we got for a website (I was on a bus back from Nasik on a suspenseful trip in the pre-cellphone era). Even today, the many meetings I had in the early days to try and get content partnerships are still quite fresh. Much of the period since then is a blur, but those few memories are forever etched away. ......... Just like the teenager who feels he can do no wrong, so does the entrepreneur. This is, therefore, also the most dangerous period in the life of the entrepreneur. .......... One has gone through the early, tough days, and there is a latent volcano waiting to explode on the scene. ....... there is no Undo or Edit button. ....... recruiting the second-tier management team, the first markets to tap into, the partners to ally with, the activities to do. This is the time when temptation of doing everything is abundant. This is when judicious decisions need to be made ........ deciding on the few things that need paramount attention ......... there is no way that everything can be done well at the same time. ........ This is as exciting a chess game as any that has been played.
Rethinking Education
A Second Train Journey
Meeting a Friend after 21 Years
Blog Past: 2.0
How much is your social network worth?
Digg for online ads adds tools to open up information sources the Government News Aggregator, which allows citizens to receive consolidated news and information from across the federal government, delivered via RSS feeds ...... the public no longer has to scour a vast array of government websites to follow news that’s relevant to them ...... a Word Cloud that is a visual representation of the top 75 most popular search terms on
China blocks popular websites in lead up to Tiananmen anniversary
Google set to move into e-book space, take on Amazon
Stop selling scarcity
The new Detroit isn’t Detroit Jay Rogers, founder of Local Motors. He is creating the platform and API for new cars that are designed collaboratively by communities and built in microfactories across the country by staffs of only 41 using almost entirely off-the-shelf parts. He says he will be profitable selling only 500 cars. He plans to build 3-5,000 of each model and he’s months away from delivering his first......... Local Motors does what it does best and links to the rest ....... Rogers said the most important hire a company can make today is a CCO, chief community officer. ...... bimodal intelligence ....... The mass market is dead, replaced by the mass of niches. ...... Middlemen are doomed. Local Motors has no dealers. The factory is the showroom. The customers are the salesmen.
Government by the people
No gadget savior in news, neither the device nor the form matters nearly as much as the information and its timing. This requires that publishers unleash their news on every device possible. But no single gadget will be their saviour.
Google Wave and news Just as I was thinking they were behind the curve on the live web - and argued they should buy Twitter - Google attacked it from the left flank with Wave. ...... Because it can feed blog and web pages and Twitter, I see a new way to create content, collaborative and live. I see a new way to make news. ..... Here, I speculated about the topic becoming the new atomic unit of news ...... Wave isn’t just the email we’d invent if email were invented today, as was Google’s goal. Wave is what news can be if we invent it today, as we must. ..... Replace news story with “disease you suffer from” and reporter with primary care doc and editor with specialist and photos with lab results, etc, and you can see its potential. The embeddable newspaper newspapers need to think distributed, that they need to go to where the readers are rather than expecting them to be attracted to news sites like magnets ...... make itself embeddable without having to go through Google’s funnel. ..... Becoming embeddable is a way for a site to act like Google and go with the flow of the internet, to be distributed by its readers, to take its content and branding and advertising out into the web.
The Google – Youtube – Conundrum

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Google Wave Ripples

Is Google Wave Social Enough To Challenge Facebook, Twitter?
Of Waves And Tsunamis
Google Wave: Wave Of The Future?
Google Wave: If Email Were Invented Today

Microsoft's Bing - touting itself as a "decision engine" - was supposed to have all the buzz but then Google Wave came along. Is Bing an engineering marvel, or is it just marketing? One has to wonder. But Google Wave has the buzz for engineering, square and simple. The buzz is for being the next big thing.

The launch of Google Wave has been breathtaking. But I think when the developers around the world get to pounce on that Google Wave, the results are going to be equally breathtaking. Right now I don't know what to expect. I guess I will just keep my expectations high and vague.

With Android and Wave, Google has managed to suck the 2009 tech oxygen. When was the last time Google had this much buzz? When Gmail came out? When it went public? I think the current buzz - or, rather, ripples - are at new heights.

From The Google Blogs

Google Wave team heads to Google Developer Days in Asia
Introducing the Google Wave APIs: what can you build?
Went Walkabout. Brought back Google Wave.

In The News

Hands-on with Wave: Weird and quite wonderful CNET News a more contemporary take on communications ....... a group of people can have an actual discussion in e-mail, in real-time if wanted, without getting bogged down in long multi-message discussions--or worse, in threads that end up forking so that different people are discussing different things. ..... Speaking of being overwhelmed, the first time I had two people replying to me in an individual message at the same time, in different places in it, my head almost exploded. It's a lot of raw information coming it at once, and it's very different from the old e-mail or the instant message experience. ........ Wave has no legacy support for old e-mail architectures whatsoever, and isn't bogged down by the old methods--like the practice of delivering messages to users and then severing the links to those messages. ........... Wave addresses look like e-mail addresses, but there's no gateway between Internet e-mail and Wave, so messages send from standard e-mail clients to Wave will bounce. ....... Wave is currently spam-free since it's not linked into the global e-mail system ....... technically a radical departure from e-mail, but for the end users it will still be used for a lot of the same things e-mail is. ..... there's no reason we should we need different applications--an e-mail client (or site), an instant messenger, and a collaborative editor--for variations on the theme of textual communication
Google Wave: Our First Hands-On Impressions ReadWriteWeb Google is indeed on to something ...... real-time email with a big dose of IM built-in, but even this only just describes a small part of what Wave can do. ....... you can pick a specific word or phrase and respond to that, instead of the whole message. ....... the Google widget, which allows you to very easily search Google and add a link to the wave ...... search YouTube and Google Images and embed videos and pictures ....... embed a map that you can extend by setting place markers and drawing lines. .... long waves with a lot of concurrent users can get a bit confusing. ...... as expected, it didn't work in IE but worked perfectly fine in all the other browsers. ..... could revolutionize the way employees in a company communicate ........ once you get into the flow of things, regular email suddenly feels stale and slow. ...... If you want a Wave to look more like a document instead of a conversation, Wave will work just as well as when you just want to use it as a chat room. ...... default messaging system.
Google Wave draws huge Interest I4U
Google Wave the next social media phenomenon and journalistic tool? chat and share documents including audio files, videos and photos in real-time. ... Google Wave is the brain-child of Lars and Jens Rasmussen, the brothers who bought us Google Maps. They explain they wanted to "rethink what a single communications platform might look like if we started from scratch." ....start with a clean slate, rather than have today's Internet reality determine what could be possible in the future or even present. ....... project has been ongoing for two years ....... integrate and embed existing communications systems, including Twitter .... a chat function which allows one user to speak to another in one language and have the text appear in another. ....... Google aims to have Wave operating in 40 languages with translations being possible from any pair within the range. ....... an economical and effective new way for professionals to communicate across all sectors ...... lending itself to the way newsrooms around the globe are organised. ........ Wave is what news can be if we invent it today ..... we have a great relationship with many newspapers ... We paid 6 billion dollars to content owners last year." ......... for the first time, a news story will be able to grow and transform itself online as it does in the real world ........ Wave affords them the opportunity to concentrate on content and worry less about the platform
Microsoft May Bing Google as Wave Grabs Market Sci-Tech Today
Microsoft kicks off huge Bing ad push CNET News "When people don't get right search result they thing it's their fault."

Microsoft Launches Its “Google Killer” Bing Search Engine Jutia Group Bing will represent Microsoft’s third attempt at developing a go-to search engine in the last 10 years. ....... Bing Travel, which will predict airfare and hotel rates based on the time of year, ensuring users get better results. Microsoft gained this technology from its $115 million acquisition of travel Web site Farecast last year. ....... the campaign will pose a key question: Do current search engines really solve your problems? ....... Google will bring its Android operating system to “netbook” laptops in an attempt to take on Microsoft’s firmly entrenched Windows.
Could Google Wave Tip Microsoft's SharePoint Cash Cow? ChannelWeb a coming "arms race" of innovation in the enterprise collaboration space. ....... e-mail, instant messaging, document sharing, blogging and wikis in a single application ....... Google's real target isn't to challenge Microsoft SharePoint, but rather to push the envelope in the social networking space. .... Facebook is the more likely target
A Complete Guide to Google Wave BusinessWeek
Google Wave: A Complete Guide Mashable
Google's Wave Could Be an Internet Tsunami Motley Fool In 1993, I had no idea what an email address was. Two years later, I couldn't live without it. ...... now, Google wants to overthrow the whole email hegemony and replace it with something entirely new ...... Say hello to Google Wave -- the email killer. ...... Developed by a team of 50 engineers in Sydney ...... organic conversations between two or more people ....... "collaboration and communication" on a grand scale. ...... a completely new way of looking at online communications. ...... Open standards lead to open development and worldwide innovation, which is both cheaper for Google and better for the technology itself. .......... Wave promotes richer communications with more video sharing and higher bandwidth footprints. ....... a win for the networking guys, for Google and its ubiquitous ad platforms, and for upstarts with a great idea that doesn't quite fit in the Facebook or Twitter paradigms. One invention, plenty of winners. ........ what "email", "instant messaging", "SMS", and "Twitter" were, back in the day before Wave mashed it all up into a single service. ....... a Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal (BHAG)
Google Wave to be released later this year
Google's New Wave Reuters a grand messaging service ..... actual launch date is months away, which leads one to wonder if they bumped up the announcement to steal some of Microsoft's thunder.
Google Wave & Microsoft Bing Cnet Asia I was quite happy with snail mail until email came along. ...... When I discovered the convenience of threaded conversations, I went to heaven and have been there ever since. ....... Is there another level to the heaven I'm on? A sky lounge? I can't say until I try Google Wave for myself. ....... after a sneak preview of Microsoft's new Bing, I'm itching to get off my butt and make a permanent move to ....... Other than turning in the link to Streamyx's main homepage and thousands of other sites hurling abuse at TMNet

Google won't run all the Wave servers CNET News Google has said it will "federate" Wave. That means it will make it possible for anyone to operate their own Wave server and have it communicate with other Wave servers. This is just how e-mail works today: Anyone can run an e-mail server that can send messages to and receive messages from any other e-mail system. ...... Wave will be based on (and extend on) the existing messaging standard, XMPP (eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol). ..... Google destroys entrenched markets.
Google Wave: Five Things You Must Know PC Magazine the evolution of Gmail, Docs, and maybe even Blogger ...... great for collaborative work in a corporate environment.. Google Wave is real-time: real-time search of Waves, real-time linking, real-time remote control object manipulation (say I embed a map in a wave, and then manipulate it remotely while you're looking at it), real-time translation. (Yes, on a character-by-character basis. Imagine a Google Doc translating your words into Spanish as you type.) ........ the air has just been let out of Twitter's sails. ........ Google is constantly improving its response time to get close to real-time results, but that real-time is an absolute that will be approached, but never actually met. ....... as more and more people generate and consume content while on the go ... the browser is indeed the OS of the future ..... waves can be embedded in Web sites
Google Wave: A new kind of mega-application Computerworld combines the myriad trends we've seen the last couple years on the Web into one application. ....... Tivo for Web content. .... some speculate whether it will cannibalize core web services (even some of Google's, like Google Docs or Picasa) ...... Wave's greatest asset could be that all this information can become more useful from ties to Google's core product: search. ..... companies desperately need a technology like Wave to help their employees collaborate in a more streamlined way. .... most enterprises remain years away from switching to this type of information stream, due to their current technology infrastructures ....... Today, employees must sort through messy "reply-all" e-mails to engage with content as a group. If you're working with a document in SharePoint, you must "check it in" and "check it out," making it hard for multiple people to contribute in real-time.
Google Wave: Gaming Impact it's going to revolutionize internet communications, and offer both individuals and businesses a number of new methods of connecting ....... I know a number of people I'd love to play with, but chat format games just lack a certain immediacy that Wave offers. ...... The beauty of Wave is that everything occurs in the browser, so you don't need a million complex programs to work congruently to play an interactive game.
The enterprise implications of Google Wave ZDNet egalitarian and federation-friendly design is intended to create an entire open ecosystem for communication and collaboration that Google is not-so-modestly touting as the reinvention of digital interaction circa 2009. ......... individual companies may be losing the capacity to drive the agenda for the world when it comes to establishing successful new Internet standards and technologies. ...... the ultimate destiny of Wave itself is far from clear ...... so many of the early and current Web 2.0 applications (blogs, wikis, social networks, Twitter-style social messaging, mashups, etc.) still — often arduously — making their way into the workplace years after their inception. .......... Google’s tendency to emphasize the consumer world first and the enterprise later ....... highly interactive document creation via the browser. ........ infinite options for distribution over the Web or within the firewall, as well as rapid integration with existing applications and data. ....... a wave is almost a form of social glue between people and the information they care about ........ Both blogs and wikis were created in the era of page-oriented Web applications and haven’t changed much since ....... fundamentally social in nature ....... a wave, access to which can be embedded anywhere that HTML can be embedded, whether that’s a Web page or an enterprise portal. Users can then discover and interact with the wave, joining the conversation, adding more information ........... an acutely social nature, rapid interaction, and community-based technology. ....... Google is expecting many more front-ends for creating and editing waves, depending on the individual requirements of various entities. Google Wave is their own front-end application for doing so and using HTML 5 in their wave client shows they are planning more for the future than present. ........ organizations will have to deal with business data in the Wave Protocol format in the future. ........ Twitter and existing social networks can play very well with Google Wave, enhancing the experience and allowing broader participation in a wave through other applications. Google Wave won’t (necessarily) replace existing apps like e-mail, IM, blogs, or wikis, and can actually make the latter two stronger through embedding. ........ a wave presupposes a bit more structure and situated use than the more tabula rasa blog or wiki. ...... while participants are busy typing and collaborating, a wave can be receiving support from back-end systems such as HRM, CRM, ERP, and so on to provide data, context, and other just-in-time support. ....... the convergence of our IT systems and Web 2.0 ...... ease-of-development for creating server-side extension ..... the premise of the product is also one of the dominant activities in the business world (enabling teamwork) and combined with the increasing consumerization of the workplace ....... organizations will need to understand how waves will make their organizations even more porous on the Internet ....... Gmail, Gtalk, Blogger to name just three, yet none of these have had such obvious business utility or attempted to reinvent the collaborative process from the ground-up. ..... clarity of purpose and design, Google Wave has a good shot at helping take Enterprise 2.0 to the next level in many organizations.
Google Wave Bye Bye To Bing Can Microsoft keep pace with Google’s thought leadership? .... It has taken Microsoft a decade to make its way to the battle ground, turning up late to a fight that has already been won, the victor having since turned their attention to loftier pursuits. ....... blogs and wikis and documents all at the one time. ....... the most radical new Internet innovation since the advent of the Web itself ........ e-mail, the most ubiquitous Internet application ........ The next big buzzword isn’t going to be bing. It’s going to be wave. I’ll send you a wave. I’ll wave that file to you. Your parents will wave you photos while on vacation. ..... It must be asked, has the grey matter gone out of Redmond? Love him or hate him you can’t deny Bill Gates was a strong driving force and steered Microsoft to its monolithic stature. His technical successors, Dave Cutler and Ray Ozzie, are far from household names. Cutler is still to prove Azure has cross-platform appeal and is an environment corporations can trust, while Ozzie's Groove is languishing in obscurity. ........ not only has Google already proven it can outpace Microsoft to market, but is showing it can outthink its shrinkwrapped rival.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Google Wave: If Email Were Invented Today

Stream 2.0: The Next Big Thing?

Google Wave
  • The browser is going 3D.
  • The browser is adding layers.
  • Email is going hyper social and real time.
  • Email will be rich.
The whole thing is open source. I think that is a great business model for Google to pursue.

Google Wave is in some ways more fundamental than Gmail. It could redefine the workspace.

On the other hand, connecting is not the same as thinking. Gelling a thought, the truly innovative ideas, where do they come from? But then those fall in the human realm.

Google might have missed out on Facebook and Twitter, but it has now yet again managed to find the next big thing. Bravo. There is no web company quite like Google just like there was no desktop company quite like Microsoft.

What would be a wave liberated from the keyboard? What would be an audio only version? Is that what a conference call is?

What after Wave? What would be the next big thing?

Facebook has a long way to go, in terms of a tool for not only discovering relationships, but deepening them.

Google Search has a long, long way to go. Search remains the most fundamental application on the web. Search could be so much better than it is now.

People search, what about people search?

So tell me, what is a conversation? What is a document?

This is about simplifying life. Some people don't sign on to some social networking sites saying they don't want yet another thing to have to keep up with.

Another thing to integrate into wave would be search result snapshots. These are the 10 links you get on Google News for Obama as of such and such date and time.

Cultural habits die hard.

I also feel like old email will not go away.

Google Wave is the ultimate mashup application.

It is amazing that a small, five person team worked on this to start with. But then is that not how it almost always happens?
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
- Margaret Mead.
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Google Wave Preview
Google Wave Drips With Ambition. A New Communication Platform For ... the HTML 5 standard ..... the ability to run 3D games and movies in the browser without additional plug-ins ...... born out of the idea that email and instant messaging, as successful as they still are, were both created a very long time ago ..... sleek and easy way to navigate and participate in communication on the web that makes both email and instant messaging look stale ...... your Wave inbox ....... it isn’t just about new messages, there can be any kind of new content in these waves. ......... your friend will see words as you enter them, and vice versa ...... You can also edit things wiki-style with concurrent group collaboration. ........ (”Modern” is Google’s passive aggressive way of calling out Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.) ........ Google Maps (that you can edit), games, event invitations ....... wants you to be able to use it across all sites on the web ..... you could share a wave with the public ........ Google doesn’t want Wave to be another one of its apps, it wants Wave to be a communication platform that it may have started, but flourishes all over the web in a bunch of different places. ............ Bill Gates’ early insistence on having a robust developer community as one of the keys to the success of Windows ........ emphasis on developers is helping newer platforms like Android and the iPhone grow. ...... in short order, there will be a ton of gadgets, extensions, mash-ups and interesting sites all built around the Wave concept. ........ Waves created by someone communicating with Waves created by someone else ....... Google plans to open source Wave. ...... the key fundamentals Google is focusing on with HTML 5: The canvas element, the video element, geolocation, App Cache and Database and Web Workers. ......... the Web Workers. ....... run background processes outside of the browser so it doesn’t slow to a crawl which running very rich apps — which Wave is. ........ Web Workers helps turns the browser into a more full-fledged launch pad for the next generation of web apps. ..... Wave will work with Twitter ...... a wave that can translate to other languages in real-time.
Introducing the Google Wave APIs: what can you build? Google Wave Developer Blog The Google Wave APIs come in two flavors: Embed and Extensions. With Embed, you're able to bring waves into your own site through a simple JavaScript API. For example, embedding a wave in a webpage is a good way to encourage a discussion among the visitors. With Extensions, you're able to write programs, which are packaged as Robots or Gadgets, that provide rich functionality inside the Google Wave web client.
Official Google Blog: Went Walkabout. Brought back Google Wave. We had a blast the next couple years turning Where 2's prototype mapping site into Google Maps.
  • Why do we have to live with divides between different types of communication — email versus chat, or conversations versus documents?
  • Could a single communications model span all or most of the systems in use on the web today, in one smooth continuum? How simple could we make it?
  • What if we tried designing a communications system that took advantage of computers' current abilities, rather than imitating non-electronic forms?
.... five-person "startup" team emerged with a prototype .... you create a wave and add people to it. Everyone on your wave can use richly formatted text, photos, gadgets, and even feeds ........ you see on your screen nearly instantly what your fellow collaborators are typing in your wave. ........ As with Android, Google Chrome, and many other Google efforts, we plan to make the code open source ....... Google Wave has three layers: the product, the platform, and the protocol:
  • The Google Wave product (available as a developer preview) is the web application people will use to access and edit waves. It's an HTML 5 app, built on Google Web Toolkit. It includes a rich text editor and other functions like desktop drag-and-drop (which, for example, lets you drag a set of photos right into a wave).
  • Google Wave can also be considered a platform with a rich set of open APIs that allow developers to embed waves in other web services, and to build new extensions that work inside waves.
  • The Google Wave protocol is the underlying format for storing and the means of sharing waves, and includes the "live" concurrency control, which allows edits to be reflected instantly across users and services. The protocol is designed for open federation, such that anyone's Wave services can interoperate with each other and with the Google Wave service. To encourage adoption of the protocol, we intend to open source the code behind Google Wave.
.... the Google Wave Developer blog
Google Wave ichly formatted text, photos, videos, maps ...... combine Gmail and Google Docs ...... "Back in early 2004, Google took an interest in a tiny mapping startup called Where 2 Tech, founded by my brother Jens and me. We were excited to join Google and help create what would become Google Maps. .......... richly formatted text, photos, gadgets, and even feeds from other sources on the web. ....... allows for both collaboration and communication. You can also use "playback" to rewind the wave to see how it evolved. .... Google Wave will be available later this year.
MoMB: Google Wave
Gizmodo - Google Wave Is a Frothy Collaborative Mix of Chat, IM ... a live chatroom with a spread of documents, photos and/or videos, where you can reply to any part of any message or anything that's shared, and it's all real-time. ..... free-wheeling mesh of Twitter, IM, Friendfeed really, any other kind of service presenting semi-real-time stuff in a stream ...... ultimate service for people with ADD, or enterprise looking to simulate the feeling of 10 people standing around a desk scattered with a bunch of projects, but you're all able to work on any of them simultaneously while you're also whispering to the cute girl across the table about the new sushi place around the corner
Google Wave: What Might Email Look Like If It Were Invented Today ... the power of HTML 5 to match functionality long experienced in desktop applications. ....... a profound advance in the state of the art. ...... this project, carried out secretly at Google's Sydney office over the past two years ....... messages no longer need to be sent from one place to another, but could become a conversation in the cloud ....... elements drawn from email, instant messaging, social networking, and even wikis. ....... Jens had the idea back in 2004, when Google first acquired the company that became Google Maps ........ email and instant messaging, were originally designed in the '60s to imitate analog formats — email mimicked snail mail, and IM mimicked phone calls. ....... email versus chat, or conversations versus documents ....... a single communications model ...... a communications system that took advantage of computers' current abilities, rather than imitating non-electronic forms ...... the amount and quality of participation goes up radically when comments can be interleaved at a paragraph level. ........ First generation email/IM integration let you see when someone was online, and opt to instant message someone rather than send them an email. Wave simply erases the distinction. ..... a lot of time in IM is spent waiting for the other person to press 'Done' ........ Google's relentless focus on reducing the latency of online actions is bringing the online experience closer and closer to our real world experience of face-to-face communication ....... Drop photos onto a wave and see the thumbnails appear on the other person's machine before the photos are even finished uploading ....... conversations become shared documents ....... you don't have to make the choice between discussing and collaborating ....... a document with lots of discussion and edits can become pretty messy. No problem. You can export an edited wave as a new wave, and start over. ........ "waves are tree-shaped sets of messages. You can shape a subtree, or a sub-conversation and limit the set of participants in any way you like." .......... Wave will become as ubiquitous and interoperable as email and instant messaging ...... a new fundamental service on the net. ...... web applications can not only match, but can even beat the functionality of native apps ......... commitment to the lightweight nature of the web, to real-time, to lightweight components connected by open protocols rather than to monolithic systems.
Twave: Google Wave + Twitter a potential game changer in the realm of of email, IM, and project management ..... Google Wave and Twitter are both forms of real-time communication, so why not bring them together? ....... a full stream of your Twitter feed within Google Wave. ........ you can manage them like you would email, with replies, archiving ....... Bloggy: Pushes wave content to a blog ...... Bidder: You can turn a Wave into your own eBay ....... The web is truly transforming into a real-time engine
Google Wave API - Google Code
A Sneak Peak at Google Wave

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