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Monday, March 28, 2011

New York Times: A Dog's Got To Eat

Image representing New York Times as depicted ...Image via CrunchBaseI am fond of the New York Times. Both NYT and I seem to like the same font: Georgia. I did not learn that from the New York Times, but the similarity lead to affinity. It is a great paper. If I could get only one source of news - thank God I don't, thank the wild wild web - the New York Times might be in contention. And I take hometown pride.

Reading articles in the New York Times feels like reading a book. As in, the quality is great. In most cases it is better than reading a book. Because many many people work on any one article. There is a lot of collaboration. Most books gets written by people who think they are smart enough that they can go solo.

I once read a tweet from someone from the New York Times - Indian dude - during the Gulf Crisis. He made it sound like he was going home after like a month. He said he had been working on this one article. The article took me five minutes to read. And I am like wow. You mean you and many others worked on this for a month? To give me a great five minute experience?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spamming Om Malik

Om Malik and I used to be Facebook friends. Mitch Kapor used to follow me on Twitter. Those were the days.

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Mitch Kapor Now Following Me On Twitter

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I guess I have not exactly arrived yet as a tech blogger.

Om, I got news for you. I am not trying to be a tech blogger. I just happen to have a blog. I am a startup guy.

We have mutual friends in Sree (Five Years Of Gmail: What Would Gsus Do? ) and JP (I Get Twitter).

And a not so mutual friend in Kristi Fundu: (My Relationship With Ashton Kutcher)

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