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Saturday, June 06, 2020

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Not Mars

I don't feel any imminent danger that unless Homo Sapiens also colonize Mars, it is too great a risk. As of now, I don't believe in Singularity either. But I do see a lot of great things happening along the way. Like, truly, amazing, world changing great things. Man on the moon mission also gave people appliances.

But I see great promise in Elon Musk sending 4,000 satellites into low orbit to beam Internet to every corner on earth. And I see great promise in the Asteroid Belt. That is where he has to go to become a trillionaire.

Indians could use a little more gold.

Mars? I am way more excited about the earth's surface.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Air Quality In NYC: Thoroughly Bad

Not as bad as in Beijing, I will give you that, but it is pretty bad. And there is no escaping it. Where will you go? How far will you go?

I have been thinking about this a lot these past few days. I just found my first big gripe about NYC.  Well, not just. But I am choosing to get vocal about it. The only solution is 100% electric cars.

Look closer.

I was on Rockaway Beach earlier today. And I am thinking, am I breathing the cleanest air known to a New Yorker? It is a great place. You are so close to the JFK airport. Would be a great location to my world travel phase of life, to be launched in a few years.

Manhattan is the least attractive part of NYC when it comes to air quality. All those yellow cabs can be blamed.

Is New Jersey cleaner than most parts of NYC?

Rockaway Beach also would be a great place to go jogging. You would not hurt your knees. Hard surfaces are not great. The beach is better than any park. Awesome view, clean air, soft ground.

I took the Q53 bus.

10 Tips For Home Indoor Air Quality
Indoor Air Quality

Friday, November 07, 2014

Internet Satellites? Now You Have My Attention, Elon

Mars is esoteric to me. I already know what's on Mars. Earth is way more exciting. Glad to have you back on earth, Elon.

$100 Billion Plan To Save The World
Elon Musk’s Next Mission: Internet Satellites
Elon Musk shook up the automotive and aerospace industries with electric cars and cheap rockets. Now, he’s focused on satellites, looking at ways to make smaller, less-expensive models that can deliver Internet access across the globe ..... launching around 700 satellites, each weighing less than 250 pounds ...... it would cost $1 billion or more ..... hopes to bring the cost of manufacturing smaller models under $1 million

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Smart Cars Should Talk To Each Other

Toyota Prius IIIImage via WikipediaRobert Scoble's Not Google Car
Self Driving Google Car

Never mind that this might materialize towards the end of the decade and not any time soon, but I had an idea. Cars that drive themselves are not good enough. They should be able to talk to each other. You should be able to set your journey and have your car talk to other cars to form trains along the highway. So if you are programming your car to take you on a 10 hour ride on the freeway, other cars also going the same length and your car should be able to form a train in the middle lane, perhaps 10 cars per train. And of course this would be an intelligent train. It would be seeing the non train cars and keeping watch on them. The train will do what it takes to avoid accidents, up to and including breaking up. And if only all those cars are 100% electric, we will have solved a major, major problem. 100% electric cars by the end of the decade is not that ambitious.

Software just got wheels. Or perhaps it is the other way round.

You know what would be even better? 100% electric bullet trains that move at perhaps 500 miles per hour. Or even 300. Trains are way more efficient than cars. If you could have such train service that connect all major cities, and have metro trains inside all cities, that still leaves room for 100% electric taxi cabs. And rental cars. And even cars. But I think the heavy lifting should be for trains.

How about people work to design smart trains? What would be your idea of a smart train?

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Information As Service, Service As Information

Lightnings {{es|Tormenta el├ęctrica.Image via Wikipedia

Political Sci-Fi
The Energy Solution: Nuclear Energy

Imagine we have solved the food problem. We have. We produce more than people can eat. We just never figured out how to distribute all that food we produce. Imagine we only produce environmentally neutral products, all electric cars and so on. There is abundant electricity from nuclear energy for all humanity. And there is universal, wireless, mobile broadband. In that post agricultural, post industrial, post electricity, post information age, all that we know as cutting edge and exciting today will have become utilities. At that point much of the excitement will be in the service sector.

Information processing, content creation and search will always be as expansive as the human mind. There will never be any cure to curiosity. We are built curious. At that point the two most exciting economic frontiers will remain screen time and face time: information and service.

Why d

Plug-in Electric CarImage by Digital Papercuts via Flickr

o I bring this up? Is this escapism on my part? I don't expect to see that post agricultural, post industrial, post electricity, post information age for decades. But what I do expect to see, what I am already seeing is the emergence of the same in pockets. It is already happening. Why would a Third World guy like me have an interest in those pockets? Why am I out to betray my peoples whose immediate needs are more mundane? Because you have to constantly inhabit the future to constantly seek the quickest, best routes to the present.

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