Tuesday, February 17, 2009

TCC: Twitter Community College

(This used to be a Google blog. Now it seems to have become a Twitter blog. It looks like it: Twitter Tips: It's A Bird, It's A Bird.)

In my last post I said I wanted to follow around 100 people, and now I find myself following 237, and I am not complaining.

This article jolted my apple cart: Twitter Professors: 18 People to Follow for a Real Time Education. I immediately proceeded to follow all 18. Then I realized this list had a media bias, as in this was like the Media Department at the TCC, for the most part. So I googled up the "top techies to follow on Twitter" and came up with a wonderful list: The 10 best techies worth following on Twitter | Between the Lines....

After all that school work, it was time for a coffee break, so I went ahead to this list: New York Top 1,000 Tweets. I decided to follow many of the attractive women on the list. Women are more likely to respond back on Twitter than on Facebook or Plenty Of Fish, I think. On Facebook, it is like, oh no, I don't even know this guy. On Plenty Of Fish, it is like, do I want to spend the rest of my life with this guy? I don't think so. On Twitter there is none of that pressure. And so people talk. Women talk. Not all of them. But a few.

If you can find great people to follow, Twitter becomes a whole different experience.

Let me go ahead and list the people from the first two lists.

Twitter Professors: 18 People to Follow for a Real Time Education
  1. @cspenn
  3. @jowyang
  4. @Kanter
  5. @MarketingProfs
  6. @chrisbrogan
  7. @PRsarahevans
  8. @missrogue
  9. @mediaphyter
  10. @jayrosen_nyu
  11. @laureltouby
  12. @Meryl333
  13. @shelisrael
  14. @2020science
  15. @levyj413
  16. @chrisheuer
  17. @brianstelter
  18. @fec139
The 10 best techies worth following on Twitter
  1. Harry McCracken (Editor of Technologizer)
  2. Padmasree Warrior (CTO at Cisco Systems)
  3. Dave Zatz (Digital lifestyle writer)
  4. Rafe Needleman (Editor of Webware)
  5. Jason Snell (Editorial Director of Macworld)
  6. Charlene Li (Author and thought leader)
  7. Lance Ulanoff (Editor in Chief of PCMag)
  8. Jeremiah Owyang (Analyst, Forrester Research)
  9. Paul Thurrott (Founder, Windows Supersite)
  10. Rob Enderle (Analyst, Enderle Group)
And then there is a B list.
Here's some high powered Tweets tweeting in my direction. jobsworth doesn't count. He is an "old friend." He is the one who got me on Twitter: I Get Twitter.

Some of the professors started talking back right away. And these are busy people.

And my followers' count has gone up to 107. I think it was 70 before I enrolled at the Community College. I am calling it community college because I am glad the word community is in there.

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