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Sunday, November 06, 2016

Health 2.0

The technology industry has entered the field of medicine and aims to eliminate disease itself. It may well succeed because of a convergence of exponentially advancing technologies, such as computing, artificial intelligence, sensors, and genomic sequencing. We’re going to see more medical advances in the next decade than happened in the past century.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

NY Tech MeetUp: Europe Edition

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The NY Tech MeetUp continues to be my favorite MeetUp in town, and the go-to event every month. When I first showed up in town years ago, I was signing up for MeetUps left and right, then I whittled it all down to one MeetUp, the NY Tech MeetUp. By now I have signed up for a few more. But I am not a regular at the few that I have signed up for. The NY Tech MeetUp is it.

And tonight they got something called The European Edition. I am looking forward to it.

Special NY Tech Meetup: The European Edition
1. From London, UK, Advertag - Tag-based search technology for classifieds and image search
2. From Bucharest, Romania & London, UK, Brainient - Helping video publishers monetize video content by adding interactive elements and affiliate marketing
3. From Warsaw, Poland & London, UK, Codility - Automated testing of programmers via the Web, saving employers and recruiters both time and money
4. From Tallin, Estonia, Erply - Comprehensive CRM, accounting, billing and inventory management for SMEs
5. From London, UK, Kukunu - A social travel planning platform to build and organize your holiday, because travel is better when you plan it yourself
6. From Paris, France, Kwaga - Makes your inbox easier to manage by intelligently screening and organising your emails
7. From Cambridge, UK, Patients Know Best - Patient-controlled medical records. First customers include the UK's largest private health care provider, and the UK's largest children's hospital
8. From Vienna, Austria, Platago - Helping game developers to publish their games on social networks
9. From Amman, Jordan, Talasim - The Comedy Channel of the Middle East, providing a space for self-expression and sharing humour
10. From Belgium, Wondergraphs - Social business analysis that saves organizations time and money with easy to use exploration, sharing and context aware search
11. From Israel, YubiTech - Enabling mobilization of Desktop application to cross-mobile platform, in a fraction of cost and time, bringing best user experience to the mobile users
12. From Zagreb, Croatia, Shoutem - Enables you to create your own microblogging community for your business or brand
The lineup for the January 4 event was along these lines.
SpeakerText - Living the NYC startup dream!
BlazeTrak - Are you star material? Find out!
UDorse - This NY Tech Meetup is brought to you by...
Artlog - This is NYC, and 2010 brings us our first art/tech startup?
1 min/NY Tech Minute pitches from:
Taxi Hack
The after party was at the Black Door on 26th between 6th & 7th Aves. Bumped into the Hootsuite guy @quikness at the after party. And got to meet the LaunchCloud (a Crunchies finalist) @mikomercer. I just found out she is now Mayor some place as of recent. And to think I did my very first FourSquare check in last night at the Blue Note Jazz. (Jazz) It was a sold out event. I showed up early to get the bar option. Alex showed up for the 8 PM show. Tommaso showed up for the 10:30 PM show with two of his Italian friends. We ended up being five people. Around midnight we crossed the street and went to the bar there, "to wake up a little," as Tommaso put it: I thoroughly enjoyed the jazz. There was some noisy music in the basement. Alex and I stayed. The others left soon.

Alex is going to be at the MeetUp headquarters this evening for the European edition.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Google's Newest Venture: Google Ventures

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBase

Google's Newest Venture: Google Ventures young companies with truly awesome potential ...... finding and helping to develop exceptional start-ups. We'll be focusing on early stage investments across a diverse range of industries, including consumer Internet, software, clean-tech, bio-tech, health care and, no doubt, other areas we haven't thought of yet. ........ times are tough, but great ideas come when they will ...... the current downturn is an ideal time to invest in nascent companies that have the chance to be the "next big thing," and we'll be working hard to find them ...... If you think you have the next big idea
Google Ventures seeks to discover and grow great companies - we believe in the power of entrepreneurs to do amazing things. ....... We invest anywhere from seed to mezzanine stage and embrace the challenge of helping young companies grow from the garage to global relevance. ..... we're out to build great companies, period.
First and foremost, we're looking for entrepreneurs who are tackling problems in creative and innovative ways. ..... amounts ranging from seed funding to tens of millions of dollars
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Craig Silverstein

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Distributed Search

WWW's "historical" logo, created by ...Image via Wikipedia

Silicon Valley VCs Don't Want Obama's Money, Think Google Is Passe CNet "The triumph of the distributed Web." ....... the aggregate power of distributed human activity will trump centralized control. ........ Google, and other search engines that analyze the Web and links, are much less useful than a (theoretical) search engine that knows not what people have linked to (as Google does), but rather what pages are open on people's browsers at the moment that people are searching ........ "All the problems of search would be solved if search relevance was ranked by what browsers were displaying" ......... the future is "federated search," in which the Web's users don't just execute search queries, they participate in building the index by the very act of searching, immediately and directly. probably also want to know what's showing up on users' computers in apps other than the Web browser. ....... the value of real-time searching, as well as social-network-aware searching, will increase dramatically and quickly. .......... the United State's subsidies on ethanol, France's decision to skip the Internet in favor of the state-sponsored Minitel, and Japan's direct investment in supercomputers as it tried to spend its way out of a recession were examples of poor investments. "Government is a particularly poor judge of new technology" ....... . The millennials are here. Everything changes. The current generation of graduating college students won't remember a life offline. A deluge of unstructured data creates the next great information leaders. ("The dark matter of the enterprise is unstructured data" ........ Wireless broadband will be one of the only IT sectors to see increased funding this year and in the future......... Maintech, not Cleantech ....... Health care administration will be the fastest-growing sector. ......Consumption of digital goods on mobile devices is the growth story of the coming decade. ....... Electronic displays will prove the hottest investment in hardware this year and next. ..... The rumors of the demise of the reporter have been exaggerated.
David Gelernter: Manifesto

Is Google passe? I am not so sure. But Twitter and Wolfram Alpha have put some blood into the water. Suddenly Yahoo and Microsoft are energized on search like never before. The wisdom was Yahoo has lost the game. Now Yahoo is yelling, not so fast. Google has been challenged, that's for sure.

Goal: A Billion People On Twitter
Search Come Full Circle: That Human Element
Search: Much Is Lacking

This had to happen sooner or later. Search is such a vast terrain. It will stay the number one challenge online. Content creation is not about to slow down. How do you keep up with the exponential explosion in content creation? You got to come up with new ways of doing search. There has always been a ton of room for innovation in search. But now we are seeing new energy in the domain.

Wolfram Apha Is Cool
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Define Social Media
The Stream, The Lifestream, The Mindstream
The Human Is The Center Of Gravity In Computing

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