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Monday, July 30, 2012

Even Dave Says Hello

Yahoo hiring Marissa Mayer is as big if not a bigger deal than when it acquired Flickr.

Pink is the New Purple! Dear Marissa: Think Different.
its amazing assets in content, communications, and community around the world. The last really bold move Yahoo made was probably acquiring Flickr .... frequent & broad usage all over the world. ..... What if Yahoo began acquiring or partnering with properties specifically relevant to women, like Pinterest, ShoeDazzle, Gilt Groupe, BabyCenter, Oprah, People, Etsy, Ellen Degeneres, Martha Stewart (or Zynga (which appeals to mostly women)
Think different makes sense. Think pink is an iffy suggestion. Frankly, it is sexist.

If it is about women - it is not, it is about Yahoo's shareholders, employees, users - the best thing Marissa Mayer can do is be the best CEO she can be. When the announcement was made women across the country spent the night reading up everything they could possibly find on her online. That's impact.

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