Monday, December 01, 2014

Fred Wilson And Mark Suster Missing Out On AirBnB And Uber

Mark Suster
Mark Suster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
photo of Paul Graham
photo of Paul Graham (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Fred Wilson
Fred Wilson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Fred Wilson was one of the earliest people Paul Graham reached out to as AirBnB was making its early moves. Wilson said, nah. And here is Mark Suster waxing eloquent on his missing out on Uber.

These are smart guys, well connected. They are VC bloggers I like. What happened? How did they miss out?

They say about companies, you become so good at one thing, you tend to miss out on the next thing.

AirBnB and Uber are alike in that there are physical things in their equations. There are apartments and cars involved. I think they sit on top of a mega trend where software actively interacts with the physical environment. And I feel many more large companies will get created at that intersection.

When you have stellar track records of information only kind of software plays, I guess you don't feel the love for the physical.

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