Friday, August 10, 2012

Bouncing Dead Cats

Nick Bilton: New York Times: How to Make a Dead Cat Bounce on Twitter
If you’re sharing a link on Twitter, it’s best to share it between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. East Coast time..... On Facebook .. just sharing a link is not that effective. Instead, I often post a large, alluring photo from the article and then attach a link to the image. This can generate four or five times as many clicks on an article. ..... On Google Plus, although photos work well, videos get a lot of interaction, especially YouTube clips that are playable within the feed. .... On a weekend, I will actually go to weather sites before sharing an article. If it’s raining, most people are cooped up inside, so I can post away. If it’s sunny, people are enjoying the day at the beach or park — and not looking at their smartphones in the glaring sun, or at least we can hope so — and I will wait until later in the evening to share. .... Getting on the home page of Reddit is like winning the links lottery. .... In stock market investing, a dead cat bounce is often the last fleeting bump when suckers buy, before a stock hits bottom for good. .... By Monday morning, when the sharing began to slow on Twitter, I shared it again there. That acted as a trampoline for the story and sent it back into the Twittersphere. It was temporarily visible for people who had not seen it on Sunday
It is amazing how even an established writer like Nick Bilton diligently shares and promotes what he writes. Building is not enough. You also got to sell. It is like the tree that fell in the forest. Did you hear it?

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