Sunday, May 10, 2009

Facebook Faceoff Firefox

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Firefox to converge with social networks, predicts analyst StrategyEye (subscription)

C for capitalism. C for competition. Capitalism is all about competition.

Some have compared Facebook to an operating system, to a browser. And that is not recently. To many people on Facebook, that is also how they surf the web. That is how they read the news, consume videos. And look at all those people writing applications for Facebook, like they used to write for Windows, like they do for the iPhone, like they do for Twitter. (Skype: Hub)

Google also thought, we already have the people and their contacts, we call it Gmail. But Gmail is not exactly a Facebook threat.

Firefox would have to go through a fundamental reengineering to give Facebook a run for the money. And how do you do that without losing the basic soul of a web browser?

For now I see a ton of growth space for Facebook, and a ton of growth space for Firefox. And Chrome's got plenty of buzz.

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I am not saying the fight is over before it has begun. What I am saying is I am excited as to what a social Firefox might mean.

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